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PapaG Swords Mod Demo
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A Star Trek Disaster (accessor...
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Matrix Scene #2
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White & Nerdy (Squirrelygi...
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Sample Ad (I had to make one)
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Star Wreck - Astralbattlephobi...
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PapaG Hand Held Props
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PapaG Prims Demo
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PapaG Movie - The Sword Fight ...
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162 (23/04/2011)
Congrats on getting first place! (My friend Erin got a kick out of your vid; she loves Weird Al!)
daflaar (06/09/2009)
he, where can i download/add clothes and hair..etc for free?
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Name: Gerald
Gender: Male
Age: 41
Location: CANADA, Calgary, AB
Relationship Status:Single

About Me:
I am 32 years old and will be turning 33 in December
I am Currently working at Costco while I do my Practicum for school
as I complete my education @ Reeves College, have'n taken the Graphics Design course there to
A fue years back I did a course in Radio Broadcasting but never got into the industry.

I have a good strong voice and enjoy doing voice work. due to my broadcasting schooling I am quite good with sound. I am a rookie modder and should any one wish to reach me out side of MS my email is:
Occupations:Moirning stocker & Graphic Designer Extrdinary

Companies:Costco & GratiSites

Schools:Reeves College

Interests and Hobbies:I like to ride my Bike, I am very creative I enjoy co-Writing Star Wreck with Mineros, Playing around with movie storm. Playing the occasional Video Game,and day dreaming! I would like to do a series for Final fantasy 7 in MS, and also start working on a film Idea of my own Called "Abandoned Earth" it Based in the future long after much space exploration on a now planet long forgotten and corrupted in it's insignificance's in the galaxy. a planet called Earth it now the year 2215 and our nameless at the moment main char. is sick of the new system of thing.... a work in progress!

Favorite Movies and Shows:Um The List is Long- Lord Of the Ring, the Matrix, The Incredibles, Back to the future, Star wars, Wall-E, Pirates Of the Caribbean, Flight of the Navigator, Kung-fu Panda, Uncle Buck, x-men, spider-man, Iron Man,The Lion King,and Avatar, Just to name a fue

Favorite Books:The BIBLE, Calvin and Hobbes, & Garfield