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Name: Ann
Gender: Female
Location: UNITED STATES, Detroit
Relationship Status:In a relationship

About Me:
Ann was born and raised in Michigan, on the Northeast side of, what was then a suburb of Detroit, where she attended John Marshall Elementary School, Nolan Middle School, and Pershing High School. She didn't graduate from Pershing, but obtained her GED, and went on to Graduate from Davenport University with her Associate and Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (concentration: Management). After a short break, Ann completed her Master of Arts in Communication (concentration: Script & Screenwriting) at Regent University.

Once Ann finished school and readied herself for a new job with a substantial pay increase, after ten long years of working full-time and attending school part-time, things were humming along like a fine-tuned watch.

In the interim, Ann fulfilled her artistic passions singing and acting with a drama team in and around the metro area.

She was finally warming up to the idea of marriage and children, because now she felt confident that she could raise her family without struggling, and position them for opportunities that would not otherwise be available to them.

However, before she could step into, and begin to enjoy that which she had worked so hard to obtain, the economy imploded and set her back about a decade. Now there she sat in a remote corner of her father's basement, scrambling to think of creative ways to get a steady stream of income flowing just to survive.

Thus began Ann's transition from a casual doodler to a serious writer. Having settled on something where she could cut out the middle men, do it in the comfort of her own home, and publish it herself, she set out to write her first novel.

There you have it folks. The catalyst to Ann's writing career, and she hopes to entertain you with her prose for years to come. She certainly has a rich enough past from which to draw.

Occupations:Author, Animator, & Producer


Schools:Davenport University

Interests and Hobbies:I love running, hiking, kayaking, swimming, aerobics, pilates, yoga, scuba diving, and ice-skating... Additionally, I like fine dining, going the to movies, the theatre, museums, and I like to travel. I plan to see the whole world before I die. I think it's sad to be born and die in one remote corner of the world, to miss all of the beautiful people, places, and things the world has to offer.

Favorite Movies and Shows:"The Godfather" is my all-time favorite... but, I have very diverse tastes in films, and there are too many to name here. I love a well-done mystery & suspense thriller any day!

Favorite Music:I love everything from R&B to Country music. The exception is Rap music, I don't care for it at all.

Favorite Books:The list of my favorite books is endless, so, I will give the names of just a few of my favorite authors. Among them are, Dean Koontz, Charlotte Bronte, John Grisham, and Danielle Steel...



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Thanks sburke. You know it renders out completely on my computer, but then snips short when I upload it to Moviestorm.
Cool! The fog makes it look totally creepy.
Even funnier than the man on the snowboard.
That's funny! Cool vid...