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The Old Tree
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Immortality by The Fall
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Hotel Chromaphobia (Honeymoon ...
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The Long Road
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65radius (11/06/2013)
Very funny! Light and breezy! Good job! Glad to see you back.
alteregotrip (20/04/2011)
Anyone looking for me? where did I go? Back later this month, probably out in the woods avoiding some bears and moose and reign deer in the time out there.. and NOT falling through the ice!
alteregotrip (07/04/2010)

A video I made for a music video contest, using Moviestorm.
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About Me:
Just someone else's problem, don't worry, it doesn't spread so you don't have to worry about it, but you can blame the universe when it is your turn to take my place. Listening to me does nothing if not cause a sudden attack of sleep so don't worry, what I may think may sound "revolutionary" but it doesn't effect anyone in anyway unless you are already as leprous as I am with thoughts of peaceful resistance against a system does not serve anyone but its masters. We are but cogs in a system, so resisting peacefully can only win, meanwhile enjoy your life and live it and love it.
Interests and Hobbies:inlines, ice-skating, swimming, psychology, dreams, zombies, yoga, astrology, life, death, dreaming, tarot cards, nightmares, ethics, change, crossing the line, weird things, deconstruction, growth, dream interpretation, visions, birth, forensic psychology, secret societies, creating things, Tao, Jainism, I-Ching, Utopian societies, vivid colours, solutions to problems, psychic experiences in everyday life, ultra dimensional realities, coexisting realities, secret information, warning texts, creating objects of little or no value or use, creating things involving 4D formats, creating things using 3D formats, heated passionate debates, Zoroastrianism, crystal scrying, abnormal sociality, alternative history, satisfaction of curiosity, destroying illusions that injure people, standing in the way of oppression, removing labels from individuals and mattresses, faking my own stupidity, science, pseudo-science, and all things metaphysical or metaphorical

Favorite Movies and Shows:Dr. Who, with Jon Pertwee. Freakazoid, Earthworm Jim, Bugs Bunny, Sailor Moon, Spirited Away, Pinky and the Brain, Cartoons, Goodies, Big Train, Spaced, Rextangle, Junk Mail Directed by Pål Sletaune, Äppelkriget; Woman on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown; Pi, El Mariachi; I Hired a Contract Killer; I Swear I Was There; "24 hour Party People"; "The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie" directed by Luis Buñuel

Favorite Music:Buzzcocks, Magazine, ect. Stuff that came out of Manchester after that very first Manchester Show by the Sex Pistols.

Favorite Books:"I swear I was there"- David Nolan "it only looks as if it hurts" - Howard Devoto "Metamorphosis"-by Franz Kafka. "Art into Pop" "The Physicist and the Oracle" Anything Douglas Adams