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Priscilla Angelique
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Name: Priscilla

About Me:
Priscilla Angelique is a British recording artist, songwriter, music producer and academic. In her early career her focus was on classical music and she sang in choirs and performed at local theatres. She also played flute and guitar in orchestras during her childhood years.

While learning to play the flute she began to be influenced by musicians such as James Galway and later by numerous jazz musicians, including Miles Davies and Jean-Luc Ponty, and began to improvise playing flute to jazz music. As she developed as a singer she applied the same improvisation techniques to her singing and developed her own style as a scat singer. At the same time while still in her early teens she began to be influenced by early hip hop culture. This musical fusion lead to her current sound; a singer with jazzy vocals and a soulful vibe that is delicately applied to RnB, hip hop, house, garage and neo-soul tracks. Her songwriting skills have led her to develop a large catalogue of songs. She also produces her own material primarily using Cubase and Reason.

She has worked with a range of artists and performed both in the UK and overseas. She recorded a track for the ‘Ghetto Fabulous’ album called ‘Falling in Love’, a cover of the song recorded by Surface in 1983. The album was a collaboration of UK urban artists updating 1980s classics. This was followed by the release of ‘Soul Love’ in 2008 on her own record label called ‘A Priscilla Thing’. Priscilla had recorded Soul Love in 2000 as a demo but released it following numerous requests from MySpace fans. February 2010 saw the release of her EP called ‘The Technologist’ so called because of her interest in music technology. Tracks include versions of ‘Free Your Mind’, ‘Oh Yeah’ and ‘We Goin’ Boogie’. The EP provides another example of her developing ability as a music producer. April 2010 saw the release the single ‘I’ll Fly’ (Electro and Summa mixes) which she wrote and produced. She also produced several remixes for a group she founded called The Urbanists. In July 2010 she released self-produced animated videos for ‘Keep Your Mind’ and ‘I’ll Fly’ and followed this in August 2010 with an animated video for her track ‘You Don’t Seem to Know’.

In October 2010 she released her debut album ‘Positive Digital’, a mainly instrumental dance album, heavily jazz influenced and saturated with electro house beats and tech synths. The vocal tracks like ‘My Boo’ and ‘Free’ show her more soulful side. Once again every aspect of this project was completed by Priscilla Angelique – from the music production, album artwork and images to the video production.

Early 2011 saw the release of two singles in collaboration with other artists. The first was a dance remix of Angela Blacklaw's rnb track 'Vanilla Love' and the second was a collaboration with Californian rapper Major D on a track called 'Holla'. Animated music videos for both tracks can be viewed at