This group is restricted to students studying Game Development at Algonquin college in Ottawa, Canada.
Tags: Algonquin College Game Dev
Category: Education
Owner: starhopper
Created: 30/09/2015
Movies: 129 Members: 76 Discussions: 0
Ce groupe a pour but de réunir les utilisateurs et les vidéos francophones de Moviestrom.

Vous pouvez aussi retrouvez une plus grande communauté francophone sur:
We're the people who work here.
Tags: moviestorm
Category: Art House
Owner: matt
Created: 13/05/2009
Movies: 13 Members: 10 Discussions: 0
We are always looking for people to join us and help make amazing films. if your interested why not join our group.
Tags: Air studios a wide range of music and outher videos
Category: Music
Owner: alloysss
Created: 08/03/2010
Movies: 11 Members: 23 Discussions: 4
This is a place where people can join so we can make great movies together. A place where we can make movies like drama, comedy, sci-fi, etc. In a way that while we have fun we work as a group. I chos...
Tags: Machinima movies Star Productions Space Drama Comedy Scifi Sci-fi
Category: Art House
Owner: Forbiden1
Created: 14/05/2009
Movies: 6 Members: 37 Discussions: 8
This is a group for people working in or with developing countries to discuss the use of Moviestorm in that context. E.g. If you have ideas for props or modifications you would like to see or want to ...
Tags: Development Education Theatre Drama Volunteer
Category: Education
Owner: primaveranz
Created: 23/05/2009
Movies: 4 Members: 11 Discussions: 3
Hey everybody This is Lixar Animations and I just want to say come on and join this group and post
any videos E-mail me hear at

Tags: Lixar Animations - ZACH BLOOMFIELD
Category: Comedy
Owner: japesus
Created: 22/07/2009
Movies: 4 Members: 8 Discussions: 2
We are a new machinima production team who have just really got going, We really need voice actors so if your interested please get in touch...
Tags: james, liam, andrew, moviestorm, police, comedy, machinima, sparring, fox
Category: Comedy
Owner: six3eight
Created: 29/07/2009
Movies: 3 Members: 9 Discussions: 4
group of machinima writers who can consult one another for technical expertise if needed in script writing or for voice over work requiring people with knowledge in certain areas like engineering, sci...
Tags: script technical consultants
Category: Other
Owner: tuke1268
Created: 20/12/2009
Movies: 2 Members: 8 Discussions: 3
A group for Polish people who are interested in film!
Tags: polish director european europe poland pole
Category: Other
Owner: wolski
Created: 12/05/2009
Movies: 0 Members: 2 Discussions: 0
I will be leting in,y one join the gange and if your movies are butt Iwill help you make it be ter I,m not giving an apiyon $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$...
Tags: ugcygdugyudgyig
Category: Crime
Owner: cellmern
Created: 17/10/2010
Movies: 0 Members: 3 Discussions: 0
Tags: Hand
Category: Chat Show
Owner: rosie049
Created: 10/12/2014
Movies: 0 Members: 2 Discussions: 1
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Tags: Business Education 2020
Category: Blog
Owner: worrierdiamond
Created: 13/08/2020
Movies: 0 Members: 1 Discussions: 1
just about funny
Tags: funnies
Category: Comedy
Owner: tigerryan99
Created: 09/01/2010
Movies: 0 Members: 4 Discussions: 1
Günstige Leistungsstarke PC-Systeme - für jedes Anwendungsgebiet das passende System
<a href="">PC-System</a>
<a href=""...
Tags: PC-System<br>Gamer-PC<br>PC-Konfigurator
Category: Art House
Owner: chris87smalling
Created: 14/10/2011
Movies: 0 Members: 2 Discussions: 0
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Tags: High Page Rank Backlinks
Category: Blog
Owner: selena2017
Created: 02/10/2017
Movies: 0 Members: 1 Discussions: 1
Tags: julyou
Category: Romance
Owner: jujumimada733
Created: 19/06/2010
Movies: 0 Members: 2 Discussions: 1,, są blogami o tematyce szeroko rozumianej jako nierochomości. Zapraszam.
Tags: Budownictwo
Category: News
Owner: chalobah090
Created: 17/02/2014
Movies: 0 Members: 2 Discussions: 0
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Tags: by me
Category: Romance
Owner: me3
Created: 12/11/2010
Movies: 0 Members: 2 Discussions: 0
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