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Description: Here, you can see everything I've made available at the Moviestorm website that has to do with the Clarks.

The things that you can see that are different at are re-filmed episodes (that's right, earlier episodes have been remade and can be seen at The Clarks official website), and in the future, some bonus things, such as mock interviews, behind the scenes, and documentaries.

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Season 2. Episode 6
Chase and his friends have a new course at school. Meanwhile, we see how Uncle Nick has been doing.
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Episode 2.05 - Chase and the gang get temporarily sidetracked from their investigation by the arrival of cousin Lacey, who quickly becomes the center of attention, at the annoyance of Holly.

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Tags: clarks act3scene24 jorge sonya queenofhearts funny jail prison fight asskicking nerd geek prayer singing
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Episode 2.04 – The gang heads to their school late at night to pull off a Halloween prank. But before they can even begin, things go wrong.
Sonya (Bella, QueenOfHearts) as Holly
SaxyGirl08 as Kyra
* Re-Uploaded to include the important line from Lacey near the end. Voiced by Azure

Episode 2.03 - The investigation to find out who Chase & Holly's real parents are is under way. Meanwhile, t...
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Tags: clarks sonya queenofhearts jorge act3scene24 funny chase blue knights fart attack creepy
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Go to for the HD version.

Chase and Damon want to get popular on YouTube and found that it's quite easy by recording the ever so stupid "nutshot."

So they ...
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Tags: clarks, chase, aspirations, act3scene24, nutshot, youtube, funny, series, jorge
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Gets out of sync, watch HD version at:

Episode 2.1 - Season 2 Premiere - The tables have been turned on two people in the series. Damon realizes something Chase...
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Tags: clarks sonya queenofhearts jorge act3scene24 funny crude chase blue knights adopted adoption dildo
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* WATCH this episode re-shot! New angles, dialogue re-recorded, and Sonya as Holly as it should be! And in HD!

Episode 1.1 - The rude Clark kids hear about Uncle Nick's si...
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Tags: christmas family clarks funny xmas holidays series
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*WATCH this episode re-shot entirely, including lines re-done and the a little bit different. And in HD.

Episode 1.2 - Chase explains the type of fun he has at the expense...
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Tags: comedy christmas shopping
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Episode 1.3 - Uncle Nicholas begins his holiday greeting until Chase is forced to interrupt and join in.
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Tags: holidays christmas hanukkah kwanzaa greeting
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*WATCH the updated version with Sonya's voice as Holly.

Episode 1.4 - José and Joaquin Jimenez are new to the neighborhood during Christmas time and don't know anyone in t...
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Joaquin can't stand the cold weather. Soon after he discovers this, he, Chase and Damon meet Skeeter. A man very accustomed to the cold.
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Joaquin is sick. Kyra takes care of him. Chase is jealous. Damon isn't jealous because he's black (?). We somehow get to a Damon flashback from when he lived in Chicago.

Introducing great VA's Saxy...
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In the episode "Chase Goes Christmas Shopping", Chase told Damon about the gag gift he gave his sister Holly the year before.
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Tags: clarks holly santa strip dance dancing gag gift
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* Introducing Sonya taking over the role as Holly in The Clarks series! She does a great job in her first episode and Holly's first leading episode.

This episode would be funnier and make much more...
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Tags: gag gift gag christmas new years eve mexico tijuana party
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Does your girlfriend make too much sense sometimes? Or is she just too sensitive? Try the Off Switch! (Patent Pending)

With voices from SaxyGirl08 as Kyra and Sonya as Holly.
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Tags: clarks jorge act3scene24 off switch dance boogie jonas brothers
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With voices by Sonya and SaxyGirl08. House mod from Lucinda McNary. Sound Effects from

WARNING: Language said by children, but not suitable for children.

Damon doesn't know when to...
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Tags: clarks jorge act3scene24 damon sex dildo joke gag gift music rihanna outkast valentine's valentine's day valentine
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The after effects of the Valentine's Day gift from Damon. We found out during Puppy Love that Chase & Holly's father got the gift by mistake. With the voice of Sonya as Holly.

I made it 18+ bec...
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1.11 - Chase, Damon and Joaquin are at the bus stop as we are introduced to new people in their lives.
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Just when it seemed all regarding the Clark parents has cooled find out that it may just be the beginning thanks to Damon.

With voices from Sonya as Holly and SaxyGirl08 as Kyra.

It's ...
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Tags: clarks chase taco sundae strip club stripper whipped cream funny comedy sade gay sexual acts threesome
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If you haven't seen Taco Sundae, watch that first. And if you haven't seen any of the other episodes before that, watch those first. Then you can catch up.

Joaquin wants to know the "status&qu...
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Tags: clarks act3scene24 chase sonya funny comedy boobs boobies stripper strippers club boobie vision
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