A Time of Science - Episode 2

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Jason3 (3574 days ago)
Carbon dating is only valid up to about 60000 years. Scientists know that, and don't use it to date older things. You implied that they use it to age old rocks, which is a lie (hint: I think there's something in your bible about bearing false witness).

Uranium-lead dating is used to go back up to 4.5 billion years, because uranium-238 has a half-life just under that. You chose not to question that, instead using a straw-man argument against carbon-dating.

Do you have a reference for this study about the lava flow you talked about? If it disproves scientific dating methods, I would have expected it to be big news around the world. Feel free to claim a conspiracy to keep the truth from everyone, but also be prepared to look an even bigger crackpot if you do.

Why does conservation of energy imply the humanity is not evolving? You didn't explain your argument for that, and until you do I can't show you just how silly it is.

You also didn't explain why the second law implies we can't be evolving. The second law applies to closed systems, so you can't just look at the entopry of the Earth - you have to imclude the Sun too. An organism's entropy can go down while the Sun's goes up more (and the Sun's entropy increases at a staggering rate).

Why shouldn't we have fossils of a creature giving birth? It's an dangerous part of the life-cycle, and many creatures do die giving birth. There's a fossil of a single Velociraptor locked in combat with a Protoceratops. Is that the one you meant? Guess what, fighting is also dangerous (that's the point of it), so it's not surprising that we've found two animals that killed each other. Similarly, trees have a tendancy to die after they've been blown over.

If you want to discredit evolution, try finding fossils of humans in deep rocks. Plus points if they're found dancing rather than dying. My guess is that you can't find any such evidence because it doesn't exist, so instead you'll continue to pedal half-truths instead.

Please sort out your microphone. It can be quite hard to hear your claims at times. Oh, and read a science book on science before you try to discredit it. Honestly, Satan won't pop up and steal your soul if you do.
MefuneAkira (3582 days ago)
Oh the ignorance!!!
Clearly your ONLY research is through christianity.com and so on.
I dare you to read an actual science book!
boxrocks (3642 days ago)
Its true, carbon dating has been falsified. They tested this by using it on an apple, one fresh off a tree. Lets just say I'm not thinking it thousands of years old like they say.
keithlawrence (3659 days ago)
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