ANGEL OF DEATH...Lessons in Violence

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kaylashatto (3566 days ago)
very nice. i like how towards the end he go's from being a hero to being the villain.
boxrocks (3577 days ago)
Wow. There are so many times I had to ask myself... How'd he just do that? I'm sold, 5 stars.
ArthurVKuhrmeier (3597 days ago)
I agree with the comments so far. Really a fucked up story, but it keeps the audience fascinated. You can't stop, you must see the end. The ambience is pretty cool, really dark and grungy. We forgive you the few flaws as we know you wanted to show off a bit ;-) All in all it's a great short film.

Yes, and everybody wants to know how you did that! We hope you peach a bit how you did the special effects.
jakechief (3597 days ago)

Movie: Angels of Death... Lessons in Violence

Director: Steve2316

Made with: Moviestorm

Runtime: 10min 19secs

Angels of Death... Lessons in Violence, is Steven3416's newest, and possibly longest title yet. Steve never disappoints with his astonishing effects that seem like they're better than ever. It did seem like this movie was mainly made to show off his, (possibly new) special effects. People are falling all over the place... literally. He has a smart way of showing it too, even though it did see goofy the way they 'flew' with the sound effects. The weakest thing I thought that was in this movie, was the story. Although there is a saying 'actions speak lounder than words,' where was barely any dialogue, and frankly we sit for ten minutes watching people jump around, and turning into skeletons. The turning into skeletons part was incredibly well done. People do seem to really know him for his effects, yet I think he should be acknowledged more for the editing. He wouldn't have nearly executed these effects like he did without his superb editting. Very smooth cuts as we watch people getting tortured. What is better than that? B
scripter (3598 days ago)
Great job, nice camera work!
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From: steve3416
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Category: Horror
Angel of Death...Lessons in Violence.
This story takes place in Tango's Jazz Club.

It opens to a man trying to tell you his story...but he keeps getting interrupted by a group of troublemakers bullying the customers in the bar.
All he wants to do is be alone and think about his old life he used to have.

Commentary: (Don't read until after watching)
This is also the pilot episode of a story series called The Angel of Death.
I know I know...I went a little overboard on the fight and punching scenes. I should have edited and trimmed down the bullying punching scenes. I guess at the time I was in the mood to show how cruel people really are as bullies and how bystanders will usually just stand there and watch and not help.
Also...someone commented and asked why I had the characters to do ninja dives and flips instead of just leaving the room. My only answer is...people do extreme things during extreme situations. I know I probably would.
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