Vautrin_ Free 1930's Furniture Addon

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aroundworld (2993 days ago)
Lucinda, I saw this when I had the trial version of moviestorm. now that I have the full version I will gladly include your work in a film I'm in prepro on. The level of care and detail is amazing. My heartfelt thanks!
lucindamc123 (3038 days ago)
Thanks Joseph, I am glad you like them because your approval means a lot to me since it is your excellent script. but wait until you see the rest. I think I will be uploading all the clips I have made that people have not seen to my private site at Sugar Sync for you to download and look at.
JKW (3038 days ago)
Absolutely jaw-dropping. Your penchant for detail and authenticity are second to none. I am drooling for the finished film. Meanwhile, I'm downloading these wonderful furniture props!
thetruedjz (3250 days ago)
All your furniture is so exquisitely detailed, Lucinda. It's amazing! The university set is spectacular too!
lucindamc123 (3257 days ago)
You are quite welcome Arthur. I want this movie to be authentic so I had to do a lot of research for the furniture and buildings for 1937 Nanjing, China. Now I have to make the buildings that will be bombed and explode and then also the dead people laying around then I will finally be able to begin filming.
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From: lucindamc123
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This is a clip of the redesigned university set, along with the interiors of two the buildings along with a look at the street and house where a young couple in the movie live. And also lots of 1930's authentic Chinese furniture that is a new free addon from me for you for use in Moviestorm. Music by Josh Hunsaker. Also shown are the new 1930s dresses created by Chris Ollis for the movie, Vautrin. He is going to make these availalbe on his website for purchase. To download the furniture addon go to the Vautrin Facebook page at:

Vautrin was written by Joseph Kwong and is being produced and directed by myself, Lucinda McNary in Moviestorm.
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