Arms Of Clay (Part 1/6)

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daido3001 (725 days ago)
Thanks everyone for the great compliments! This was not an easy task but every time someone writes a positive comment I just feel it was worth it! (All 5 months of it)
@Nathon, this was actually meant to be a full feature film but since I couldn't upload it at once, I had to split it into 6 parts. I also put a "Now Showing" thread on the forum, its already there.
I had never seen a moviestorm film over 60 minutes so I wanted to see if the software could be used to make an actual full feature film and well, it didn't disappoint!
Am really glad fellow users are happy with the work. Matt Kelland's books were really helpful coz I learn't alot of tricks used in real films while doing this project from lighting to transitions, sound editing, directing...
Thanks again guys for the compliments, I really appreciate it!
rgr (726 days ago)
really well done in every respect!
Nahton (726 days ago)
Hi daido - This looks like a great start to the series. You appear to have rounded up a great cast of voice actors and the production values are really well done. It couldn't have been any easy task to build out the various sets and you've complemented the Moviestorm assets with various available mods. I've actually viewed up to the end of Part 3 so I know the story features many characters within this world and has many layers of side plots taking place within the main story. It's an extremely ambitious effort and perhaps the best long form story I've seen produced with Moviestorm (I have to finish it, yet). My only question is why havent you promoted this? You should start a thread in "Now Showing". FYI - I found it via the Moviestorm Twitter feed.
primaveranz (727 days ago)
Excellent work! Great story and sound design but I also loved the very effecive use of facial expressions and body language. I'm looking forward to watching the rest of the story.
skratchmasta (731 days ago)
What a great story and so well animated. Is this really your first movie? Five stars.
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From: daido3001
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Category: Drama
A movie about Africa's richest man (George Tiyani) whose wealth and hunger for power has led to a series of events including the emergence of the world's biggest demonstration group called FAITH whose sole purpose is to put an end to his empire.

It took me 5 months to complete but I think it was worth it. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks again to moviestorm for helping me make this movie possible.
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