All Is Well In Roswell

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reshonda (2916 days ago)
very nice work!, I like how in the beginning the scenes fade in and out.. Also great story.. and camera work as kwistufa mentioned, I really liked lorisrizzo's voice as well.:)
lorisrizzo (3005 days ago)
This is definitely one of your best videos, the more so for its complexity and the variety of atmospheres, from the eery beginning to the humorous second part. And a great musical choice.
65radius (3005 days ago)
Great team, and a very engaging film! I espeially liked the sequence where the flying saucer is tracked from a distance before it changes! good job!
alteregotrip (3006 days ago)
In the woods around the artic circle..difficult to say everything I want..but I just feel so touched by your feedbacks! Thank you..and will be thanking you properly later. :)
Nahton (3006 days ago)
Offbeat and quirkly little tale. I'll be passing on any trips to Roswell :-) The visuals hooked me in early and I was starting to wonder when the dialogue was going to kick in while still enjoying the video.
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From: alteregotrip
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Category: Sci Fi
Based upon the screen play "Roswell Husbands" by Sci Fi and Speculative Fiction writer Jason Sullivan, using the assistance of the author with his own voice, his natural humour and joyful presentation of the absurd.

More of Jason's interesting fictions can be found here:

and other wonderful writings and reviews on his blog: http://differentoutcomes.wo...

Also featuring the voice of Loris Rizzo who came up with the wonderful name of the ever so slightly revised story. Who we know on Moviestorm as also an excellent writer and director not only in machinima:

And this team effort was brought to you by AlterEgoTrip who sadly never has time to get bored.. and makes funny voices!
follow me on twitter @AlterEgoTrip_Se

And the music by Pete Shelley.. (who has been informed of this project but is very busy)

Yes the worlds best 3 minute song writer has always been a very productive closet electronic ambient music creator.. starting with "Sky Yen" Recorded in March 1974 and performed on a purpose built oscillator. Distributed on vinyl 1980, I've been lucky to own a copy and was inspired for a long time to use it but never materialized.. in the 90s.

Sky Yen was recently released to iTunes this very year!

And finally "Please Forgive Me But I Cannot Endure it Any Longer" a B. Side of electronic music on the back side of the Pop single remix of his 1986 solo hit "On Your Own" a wonderful and haunting composition. (I don't know where this is available)

Thank you to all the Moviestorm Modders for their Mods:

Poulet Noir

and anyone I've forgotten please let me know.

Please enjoy this collaborative project, as much as we have enjoyed working on it.
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