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Pack of assorted character gestures

24 April 2019 - 03:21 PM

You may like to know I have just published a new addon named jm_AssortedAnim.


It's available from my shared folder at https://drive.google...aTNsSFBuN0sxZHM, under the file name jm_AssortedAnim-########.zip


Please take a look at the README file included, especially at the 'NOTES, LIMITATIONS AND KNOWN ISSUES' section:



jm_AssortedAnim, by jamoram62
    LAST UPDATED: 2019/04/24

    A number of character animations, initially conceived as idle gestures while the actor is talking, listening or just idling, although can be used to denote some kind of reactions.

Gestures (male only):
    + Arms (left & right):
        side elevation 1-5, backward 1-5, forward 1-5, forward & out 1-5, forward & in 1-5, clocwise rotation 1-3, counterclockwise rotation 1-3
    + Forearms (left & right): flexion 1-5: neutral, supination, pronation
    + Wrists (left & right): flexion/rotation around the 3 axes
    + Fingers: a few gestures
    + Torso: forward (1-2): center, left, right; backward and back left/right; left and right

Available under the Gestures->JM Assorted  menu

Originally this mod was conceived to provide the animator with a flexible tool for creating new animations by merging elementary animations. Too bad, this has proven to be impossible because of the way the animation engine for puppets is implemented and work in Moviestorm: for Moviestorm every limb seems to be controlled by an unique entity in such a way that no two animations can be executed at the same time and merge seamlessly, even they don't drive the same bones, say the elbow, and shoulder bones. This is a real nuisance, which makes impossible the synthesis of complex animations from more simple ones.

Anyway, I've decided to make put this mod to the public domain, hoping it will be of any use to some user. However, for creating the animations included in this addon has been a very involved process, at this moment I have decided not to create the equivalent animations for the female puppet, unless a request for doing so is received from a number of users.

2019/04/24: first release


Also, please note a demo video is available 



Beset (Acorralado)

21 April 2019 - 10:23 AM

A try of a short expressionist fantasy I started to work on in July 2017, which was temporarily shelved in favour of other major projects and have remained untouched and unfinished so far.


Attached File  Beset_p01_Main-Camera_210419-121556.jpg   46.61KB   2 downloads

'¡Esto es España!' ('This is Spain!')

20 April 2019 - 11:25 AM

I am doing some tidying up chores with my projects in Moviestorm, and have found this little short piece. Not a finished work, but only the initial idea that sparked what has proved to be in the end one my many unfinished and cancelled projects. It intended to be a critical work against the backward steps in terms of social rights along the first of the previous mandates of Rajoy (2011-2015). It was named 'Esto es España' ('This is Spain')



New version of FragMotion available

19 April 2019 - 03:11 PM

Especially for us modders, I think you may like to know, a new version (1.3.5) of FragMotion -the very capable and affordable modelling and animating tool by Fragmosoft for us people without a big wallet- is available from the official site at https://www.fragmoso...loads/index.php


It was published in June 2018, but for personal reasons, has gone unnoticed by me all this time, so my apologies if I bothering you with something everybody already knew.


However, please take into account:
- I haven't got it installed yet, and no version change log can be found anywhere, so, apart from his unaccessible author, nobody knows what are the benefits of updating.

Sorry, my fault: I have installed the new version on a VM and found this change log inside the readme file:



version 1.3.5
-removed global values from context help in script editor
-fixed wrong line highlighting when a run time error occurred in a script
-added drag and drop script handlers to create transitions between 2 animations
-added ability to select other vertices when the vertex editor is open
-added ability to select other faces when the face editor is open
-added ability to select other bones when the bone editor is open
-added face index to face editor
-added vertex index to vertex editor
-modified the checkbox behavior in the merge animation dialog
-modified the zoom limits in the old UV Mapper dialog
-added select by index dialog
-fixed crash during batch conversion when importers/exporters use lua script
-added support for wildcards in importer file extensions
-fixed incorrect ordering of shortcuts in Schema tree after a merge
-fixed Schema tree shortcut selection not showing in combo box after a merge
-fixed crash in script editor when using word completion on an object whose name contains a space



- The official forums there have been down for a long time ago, and the publisher does not use to answer to questions as of late (or this is my experience), so no tech support should be expected.