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Ive really injoyed moviestorm 1.5

05 January 2012 - 04:19 PM

Im cam shy & not sure I could post my Hypnosis Video`s on youtube without it I`m open to suggestions as to the next self help video`s i post If your shy about everyone knowing your suggestion feel free to email here or on youtube But i check hits on youtube more then i log in here Again thank you staff & crew of moviestorm
If you would like to see how hypnosis works for you or if it works 8% of the population goes under deep 5% is not affected at all To see where you land under this follow the link If your already into meditation or would like to give it a shot Please see the 2nd video on the site Bodhisattva Meditation Breathing on the same channel video`s to come will be
Why Would I Want to Be Hypnotized?
Hypnosis can help you reach your goals.
¨ In your personal life. Perhaps you want to stop smoking, or maybe you need motivation to start exercising?
¨ In your work life. Thinking about making a dynamic sales presentation, or do you need help so you won't
arrive late at meetings?
¨ In your family life. Perhaps you want to have more patience for Suzy, or do you want to remember to take out
the trash every night?
¨ In your recreational life. Do you want to improve your golf game or concentrate better at bridge?
Hypnosis can help you have better health.
Hypnosis is often the treatment of choice for certain health and emotional problems because it is noninvasive
(nothing gets inserted into your body), it is not a drug (therefore no side effects)
Thank you for your time bodhisattva

Nap Time

How do I remove the MS circle from my project ?

21 October 2011 - 11:13 PM

Please & Thank you

Having problem downloading extra features Problem solved

19 October 2011 - 02:05 AM

Well 1st off Im having trouble downloading The extra features & the ones that do take I goto settings add them & when it restarts I dont have anything but default again

Ok could be this answer <Are the files downloading then failing at the verification step?> Said that once but I`ll try again later with the advised steps

I payed for the movie storm complete That means the 39 extra`s are mine till the end ? right

Thank you for your time on the matter

Problem solved I let the computer rest about 20 min. Tryed it again pow it started to install even the 3rd party mod Thank you all so much sorry i didnt search older post 1st Turning off my firewall & Anti virus Was the answer & mine only shuts off 15 min. so shut off when you start the download & one more time for the install
But again ty for your time smile.gif