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PapaG hand held props

30 March 2019 - 04:54 PM

Hi Everybody,


I have the latest version of Moviestorm with a liftetime license that I purchased in May, 2017. I have downloaded many of the extra animations and props from the Moviestorm Vault and I am excited to use them as I attempt to create my first video with Moviestorm. I am able use the hand held props create by ShortFuze (the hand held props that were originally installed with Moviestorm) however when I attempt to use the hand help props created by PapaG (and other hand held props NOT created by ShorFuze) I cannot attached these hand held props to the characters.  All the hand held props appear in the list of available hand held props when I click on the "Use Prop" button, but the only props I can use are the props created by ShortFuze.  I installed the additonal PapaG hand held props by  clicking on the "INSTALL A FILE" button, then clicked the "CONTENT PACK OR MOD (,ADDON) button which then install the hand held prop into my Moviestron program. I can access these props and place the prop in a scene but the characters cannot access these props to use them prop as a hand held prop. So I have the prop but do not have the animations associated with the prop.


Do I need to complete another installation tasks to link the these hand help props (PapaG props) to their animation file.?

I apologize if my writing sounds redundant as I describe this problem I'm experiencing.  I'm just trying to be as clear as possible.  I'm new to this so, as always, your patience is appreciated.


Thanks for reading this request for help and feedback to problem solve this issue would be very much welcomed.


Can't login to the Moviestorm app

13 March 2019 - 01:47 AM

I am trying to login to the Moviestorm app.  The username and password are the same for the app as the Moviestorm forum and when I attempt to login to the app I get the error message, " Unable to connect to www.moviestorm.co.uk", leaving the program useless.  Is the Moviestorm servicer down for maintenance?  I know they are not updating the software which is disappointing, but not being able to login to try and learn to use the software is just frustrating..  Any feedback would be appreciated.




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