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Feature request for 1.6.0 (Think it used to do this anyway)

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#1 daleh


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Posted 02 September 2013 - 10:39 AM

Ok some time ago I created this dedicated Scifi Reactor room set/prop in sketchup, completed with highup walkways and built-in nav meshs, and brought it into MS.

I then tried to film a shoot out sequence in it using the laser pistols from the scifi pack and the actual laser from one of the music packs.

At the time I discovered the following trick for aligning the laser with the pistols and targets:

1) move timeline in directors view to point when laser should fire

2) In set view roughly position the laser where the pistol was and pointing in roughly the right direction

3) In Directors view add static laser to the timeline

Now, at this point if you went back into Set View the laser would not be showing, neither would say any doors be open even if they had been in Directors View, but, if you moved any prop then did an undo, bingo, the set would seem to update to exactly as it was in directors view at that point in the timeline!

Doors would be open to exactly the same state as they were, movable props such as cars would be where they had moved to at that point, and any active laser would show as well

This then allowed you to exactly fine tune the rotation of the laser in real time so it was pointing exactly where you wanted it, as you rotated/moved the prop so the beam would move to, not to mention any prop placement being easier to do accurately when you can see doors open etc.

Anyway recently I noticed this no longer seems to be the case, so i have the painful process of swapping between Set and Directors view several time until i got in close enough to what I wanted

I am being fussy here I know, but would be great if you could put it back to how it was, or simply have the Set View always auto update to exactly the state the Director View shows, or maybe just a button you can press to update set to current timeline position.

There must be other things too aside from my laser trick that this would benefit, just from seeing things on the Set View exactly as they are at any point in time in Directors View

#2 Ben_S


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Posted 02 September 2013 - 04:17 PM

I do not suppose you remember when it last worked as you are describing? It might be easier to work out what changed if I know when it changed.
Ben Sanders
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#3 daleh


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Posted 03 September 2013 - 02:03 PM

I think it might have been 1.5.4, I haven't used MS much recently after the release of 1.5.4 until a few weeks ago as was busy with other stuff. Seem to remember noticing it was so back when 1.5.4 was released, but then never made a post about it as I started doing other things.

Anyway, one thing i am sure of is it certainly was working with whateve version of MS added the Gizmo, as i remember using the gizmo to do the positionine once and thinking how much better that was.

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