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21 November 2018 - 07:47 PM

Hello Neighbors...

just want to say Happy Thanksgiving to all.




Is this what Moviestorm has become?

25 August 2018 - 08:24 PM

We the people who have been loyal and supporting of MS and each other now deal with:


1. being pushed aside for another project. Ok I get it and was ok like the others for awhile. Now it seems that we've been forgotten by MS. (Loyalty should matter. At least say something to us once in awhile MS)


2. the people wanting the current MS tenants to help them find a compatible or better home. (You people obviously have internet access. Don't be lazy, GOOGLE IT YOURSELF)


3. the growing number of porn ads that seem to be slowly taking over. (Don't misunderstand me, porns fine in the right place. But what is it about us that say's "these poor MS soles neeeed porn")



 I'll climb down from my soapbox now. Happy movie making to my MS neighbors. I'll be adding more addons to the Vault this weekend.