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Advice please?

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Posted 11 August 2017 - 01:09 AM

Hi All


Please forgive me if I've posted this in the wrong category.  Having now been left in the lurch so to speak, now that the original software I used, MUVIZU, went in to liquidation recently and is no more, I'm left wondering if Moviestorm is a safe bet and is a solid business and not likely to go under anytime soon? It would also be good to know if it will give me most of what MUVIZU gave me, perhaps a lot more I expect.  


I should just mention that I used the characters in MUVIZU with Chroma key and then placed them in my own videos, and the software also allowed me to add custom designs/logo's to the characters clothing.  I can see from some of the tutorials that Chroma Key isn't a problem but am I able to customise the clothes in a similar way?  So far I've only seen that you can change their colour.  Your advice and guidance will be very much appreciated, thanks.


Sorry, can I also ask, I've seen some of the user videos using cartoon characters that I can't see are included in any of the packs in Moviestorm, does this mean you are able to create your own, or have I missed some other area where these are available? Screenshot of a movie of the ones I've seen are attached. Many thanks.


Kind regards



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Posted 15 August 2017 - 11:28 AM

Sorry for the delay responding.

I wouldn't say Moviestorm is a safe bet except for the fact that it is still going long after most staff left (There may be only 1 person there now). Also if you are using a Mac then it may not survive much longer because Apple in their usual arrogant manner have decided to stop support of 32 bit software. I would say there is no realistic chance of any future updates to the software, but like "The Movies" before it it still works on PCs fine.

Yes you can customise logos etc on clothes.

That image you posted is not a Moviestorm movie - there are no characters like that. Probably just someone wanted somewhere to post their film to get more views.

Moviestorm is much more capable than Muvizu except in the area of lighting (IMHO) But if you want the "cartoony" look Muvizu is still a better bet.

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Posted 25 August 2017 - 03:31 PM

Moviestorm is much more capable than Muvizu except in the area of lighting (IMHO) But if you want the "cartoony" look Muvizu is still a better bet.


Unless you've already got a valid licence for Muvizu, I'd say you're out of luck, for no new licence can be purchased and their activation servers went down some time ago, and the only support for Muvizu is that provided by enthusiastic users at the Anizu site.  A demo copy of Muvizu is available from that site; it's fully functional but has some limitations.






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