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Antics 3D & Moviestorm - How do they compare?

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#1 Cyrus



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Posted 26 November 2008 - 01:53 PM

I am one of those disappointed customers of Antics that were suggested to try out MS. After sifting through the info on this website I still don't have a clue whether MS is worth to be considered as a tool for professional pre-production. So, here are my questions to the users of both applications:
What is MS capable of that Antics 3D Pro lacks (& vice versa)?
Which are the main differences in look, feel and way of usage?
What do you think will be the upcoming features (those just around the corner) for MS?

Thanks in andvance,


#2 lucindamc123


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Posted 26 November 2008 - 05:15 PM

Take a look at the movies people are making and you will see the differences. I personally like the puppet design and the interface of Moviestorm better than Antics. It is not that i don't like Antics. I do. It is just that I find everything I need to do what I want with Moviestorm. I am already using Moviestorm to create music videos and promotional videos for people to use in advertising.

Moviestorm is not competing with any other program. What you can do with Moviestorm is use many other programs and that is encouraged. I have tried Iclone and Daz 3D, Houdini,Second LIfe and about every other animation program that comes alone. I find Moviestorm easier to use, the puppets are very human like, animations graceful and realistic, the camera work is excellent and the set design ability is fantastic. This is something you have to find out for yourself. But I do believe that although they will not be creating any new content for Antics or further develop it, they will still be supporting it.

Antics does have fantastic tutorials. That is something I would really like to see for Moviestorm.

For what is in the future for Moviestorm, I have to ask the staff here to write something. What I do know is that you all are going to be very pleased with the future development of Moviestorm. I have had a peek!

#3 AngriBuddhist


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Posted 26 November 2008 - 05:58 PM

Typically Short Fuze keeps upcoming features pretty close to their chest unless they are only a few weeks from a release. I, myself, haven't gotten "a peek" but it's common knowledge that an early preview of a Sketchup Importer will be released next week. This preview is for the Pioneer group (those here before Commercial Release) but it's usually only a matter of a couple weeks until these previews are released to the entire community.

#4 equinoxx


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Posted 26 November 2008 - 07:26 PM

Antics, as I understand it, was developed primarily as a pre-viz tool, an intermediate step for output that would eventually be created in another medium. Moviestorm was designed as a machinima tool, itself the medium (or at least a component) of the final output product.

Thus, Antics does offer features related to pre-production in another format -- mainly in terms of translating real-world measurements and dimensions, I would say -- that are lacking in Moviestorm. The fundamental concepts are the same, but Moviestorm, being the production medium, uses more of an "eyeball it 'til it looks good" model, as opposed to Antics' precise measurements (though there are a couple of methods for roughly approximating measurements in MS; for example, the floor grid of the set area is scaled to one-meter squares).

I do feel that Moviestorm offers a more intuitive interface than Antics', as well as greater flexibility in character design, as its characters are meant to be the actual actors in a piece, rather than the stand-ins of the Antics paradigm.

As for what's coming... that's why we keep an eye on the dev blog. We do know that the following are in the "near-future" pipeline:
- updated walk path system (designed, incidentally, by Mark Watt, founder and former Technical Director for Antics)
- moving vehicles
- non-flat surfaces (allowing chracters to, for example, climb stairs)

But of course, the primary advantage that Moviestorm has over Antics, at this point, is ongoing development of a publicly-available product.
David "equinoxx" Anderson

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