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nbconv v0.2.42 update available

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#21 davidwww


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Posted 21 May 2008 - 06:00 AM

I'm hoping that perhaps this investigation in importing a wheelchair might also produce a new tutorial on how to use Neil's converter. My experiences using the Google Warehouse in iClone has convinced me that if Neils converter can work, the possibility of expanding the assets for Moviestorm could be very exciting.

And if Neil's converter can be used to import props, can it also be tweaked for animations (maybe from bvh files)?

Also since I'm asking - are there any good tutorials to understand Cal3d?

I'm not really good a writing explanations mrjoyce and the fact is the converter is not 100 percent successful with a large number of models I have tried to convert, but I have had more success with models that have separate textures when unzipped and models in .3ds seem to be easier to convert as well (but the textures do need be separate)


Ok here goes.
first you need to download a model in .3ds format and unpack it to its own folder, hopefully it has separate textures, then start nb99's converter select file and open and convert, find the folder where you have your model and double click on it, if all goes well it should make
a skeleton .csf file
a mesh .cmf file
a set of material .crf files
Now in Moviestorm/addon create a folder with the prop name
then add a folder in that called data and in that, a folder called props and finally in that, a folder with the name of your prop and in that folder should be a folder called textures, now move all the files the converter created into this final folder (not the texture one) along with your textures which you then place into the texture folder
(Moviestorm/addon/your props name/data/props/your props name/textures)

and if you follow Ben's explanation you should hopefully get your prop showing up in Moviestorm. the first bit probably explains what I have just said with a bit more sense. (see I told you I'm not good at writing explanations) one other thing is I haven't been able to get the scale of the models right so when you make your prop in MS be sure to click scalable so its size can be altered in MS.
Once you have exported a model as cal files with each of these files:
a skeleton .csf file
a mesh .cmf file
a set of material .crf files
These all go into a directory (which you will have to create) for the prop.
For example
contains these files for the primatives.
If you were creating a new prop, and wanting to publish it in a new addon, then you might put it in
Moviestorm/AddOn/[my addon name]/Data/Props/[my prop name]

Then, as a subdirectory of that prop, you would need a Textures directory, and you will need to put the textures from the prop in there.

Then comes the modders workshop part (you now need a modders licence to start the modders workshop, which you then can do from the settings menu on the advanced tab).
In the modders workshop, you need to find your new prop.
Browse the folder tree through Models/Props and find your new prop. You can also right click on props and select filter and type your props directory name in.
Once you have found your prop's directory, browse to the templates folder, and right click on it and select New Template. Choose a name for the template (possibly the same as the prop directory).

You then get a new section at the bottom of the tree window. Start by adding a mesh (there will often only be one), and adding each of the materials. As you add materials, they should appear in the 3D view.

Each material can be clicked on in the material list, and you can then configure the textures that material uses.

Once you have set up all the materials, you can save the template. Check it saved in the correct directory, and if not, right click on it and move it to your new addon.

It is now a good idea to click back on the prop directory in the browse tree, which should bring up a Properties window in the lower pane. From there you can set tags (for searching for it), and important things such as making it scaleable. Save the properties (at the bottom) when you are done.

Then you will need to publish your addon. Use the publisher login button on the top bar, with your login and password from the modders workshop registration.
Browse the AddOns folder at the top level, and find your new addon (probably at the top of the list).
Click it, untick 'requires a licence' and hit publish. This should enable your addon to be usable in game. There is also a pack button, which will compress it for distribution to other people.

Go try your new prop on set.

Moviestorm still Number One

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Posted 13 September 2008 - 02:11 PM


I'm using 3ds max 7.
I exported a simple textured box as .3ds and as .obj.
When I slide the file on nbConv.exe, or if I just click on the exe file, I get tis error (attached) :

Any ideas? :?:

#23 jleao


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Posted 13 September 2008 - 07:09 PM


try this: Go to regional settings and change those settings to english. I believe it will work.

#24 Rik_Vargard


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Posted 14 September 2008 - 12:25 PM


try this: Go to regional settings and change those settings to english. I believe it will work.

Ok, thanks a lot, it worked! smile.gif

Now let's see if I ever get a prop into that thing!

#25 nb99


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Posted 15 September 2008 - 09:55 AM

I've posted an update to nbconv (0.2.50) that should address the non-English region startup problem.



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