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In Topic: Possible bug

10 November 2009 - 10:24 AM

Thanks for posting about this. We have a reliable reproduction of this bug that I've passed on to the engineers to look at. The solution may reslove some inconsistancies that we've been noticing in the rendered output from Moviestorm, so it's a really valuable find. It doesn't appear to be connected to using Leopard (I got a repro on Snow Leopard and XP) so that should make it much easier to resolve. In the meantime, I've found that you can go back into the gesture sequence and re-apply the "stop dancing" action which seems to correct the rendering error.

QUOTE (kibishipaul @ Nov 10 2009, 06:40 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I have the latest download of MS and recently I've found that any dance action or other that raises the arms up results in them staying in that position. The weird thing about this, is that in directors view, camera view and editing, everything runs smoothly. The problem only becomes apparent after you render and find half your movie is running with an actor who has his arms permanently in the air. I know some of these movements come with a start action and stop action. It makes no difference. Every time I try an action that involves raising the arms, from that point on they are stuck there.

Has anybody else had this problem? I'm running MS on a Mac using Leopard.

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In Topic: exporting PNG

27 October 2009 - 05:53 PM

I know it's not a great deal of help, but you could always put multiple objects onto your green screen and export them, which should save you alot of time. Also, You can batch process a green screen removal in Photoshop to automate the process of removing the background.
Another idea is to assemble the entire scene in Movistorm and just use the image exported from your project.
If you were considering outputting each object one by one from another 3D app, you may even find a faster way to achieve the same results from Moviestorm. Hope this helps.

In Topic: Solution to full-screen startup problems.

27 October 2009 - 05:42 PM

I'm hoping that these issues are no longer causing the same problems since the launch of I don't know exactly how the dev team fixed it (apparently, there was a widget loose in the overhead spigot?) dry.gif . I will enquire about the ATi driver set, but upgrading to the latest is usually a good move.

In Topic: videos look great on here for a few minutes and then depletes

16 October 2009 - 10:11 AM

QUOTE (imakevideos @ Oct 15 2009, 04:14 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
This is it

s-mpeg 4 v2, 1,085 Kbps, 640x360, 29.970 fps,

pcm audio, 1,536, 48.0 khz, 2 channels

Except the pcm audio i could have sworn that was the closest to the moviestorm codec. It's not HD but my best looking file uses the s-mpeg v2 codec. unless some how the pcm instead of mpeg1 caused it. :\ also attached are the settings from the vimeo HD file.

I've just been discussing this with the team and we have a few ideas that may help. Firstly, that particular codec is very good for high quality final output at a very small filesize, but doesn't cope too well with further editting/ manipulation. What I'm guessing, is that the two encoding systems are interpretting the file differently, leading to this degradation in quality.
There's a couple of things that you could try. Firstly, try doubling the bitrate for the video encoder, this will offer more "headroom" when the file is encoded for the second time and hopefully help to keep the quality good. The other option is to increase the resolution and bitrate. Both of these options will make the file slower to upload, but will make the converted video sharper and cleaner.
We're always happy to take a look at your source video and try to find a solution for you, please feel free to send us the original file (via a sendspace or yousendit transfer ideally) and I'm sure we can find a solution.

In Topic: 1.1.7 and the timeline

16 October 2009 - 08:39 AM

QUOTE (mcornetto @ Oct 15 2009, 06:43 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
The timeline doesn't seem to appear for previously saved movies. True, I only tried one previously saved movie but the timeline did not show when I selected the tab on the script page. I even waited a while in case it had to initialise.

Everything else seemed pretty good. It is much faster, you guys did a smash-up job. Can't wait to give it a real test with the next anim I do.

Hi, I've tried many previous scene files and haven't come across any errors with the timeline not being visible.. If possible, please send me your movie folder (a zip file would be ideal), and I can take a look at it to find out what is going on. My address is amos.willbond "at" moviestorm.co.uk