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Posted 05 November 2013 - 06:06 AM

I just completed my first movie after working very hard on it for several weeks. I had a lot of frustrations and broken movies, thankfully I did have Ben giving me some help, but I am in the USA and he is in the UK so the timing was not easy.

I wanted to mention a couple of things that I noticed that would be helpful to new people like me who are just starting out as the dynamics of this can be frustrating if things are not going well.

I find the website quite hard to navigate though, help is a bit vague and there are not a lot of answers to basic things ( or I could not find them) I use a Macbook Pro and I think a section for Mac users would be very helpful.
It would be nice to see a page that is really easy to find that says " Mac users read this first before starting a movie"
It would then explain about WHERE the folders and the files go onto you Mac and how to find them.

I had to research on my Macbook to figure out how to find folders, the entire point of having a mac is to get away from folders and files so this is something that PC users may not realize about Mac.

To find your moviestorm files you need to open finder and simply just press the shift, command and G all at the same time... This brings up a search box, this is where you type /Users/firstNamelastName/moviestorm
This is where you find all of the files that belong to moviestorm. Each movie you make has it's own named folder and inside that folder you will find the files.

When you are making a movie and it crashes (you try to open it and get error messages) it DOES NOT mean that your movie is gone ( as long as you are continually pressing the save button as you work) you will always have back up copies that are created each time you press save.

When your movie crashes, you need to go to the folder that is named your movie from finder ( pressing shift, command, G) and type /Users/firstnamelastname/moviestorm there are two files that are important to know about, the actual movie file is called movie.mscope and the back ups are called mscope.bak ( there is a new fresh one each time you press save) they are numbered, dated and have the time that you saved them)

If your movie has crashed and you can't open it, you must delete the movie.mscope file as this is the broken file ( right click and select sent to trash) you then select the most recent back up copy (highlight the name of it) and re name it to movie.mscope
You then go back to the program and try opening it again.... if it doesn't work, you need to go back and repeat the same steps until it works.... sometimes you may have to rename and delete several of the back ups until this works. YOU HAVE TO SEND TO TRASH AND ONLY HAVE ONE FILE THAT SAYS MOVIE.MSCOPE if you do not do this, the movie will not open.

Once you have rendered your movie you can still go back to it to make any changes you want.

If you are running out of space on your Mac you can delete all of your movies ( if you have rendered and uploaded them of course)

To make a mp3 files for music you can make it from itunes by right clicking on it and selecting make a mp3 version.

Using garage band is great for editing mp3 music files to shorten them or to make fade in fade out changes to them.

These are just a few things that I learned through this process of making my first movie " Entitlement" that I thought I would share, I know Ben tried to explain it very simply to me, I think he assumed that I knew how to find my movies.... In 7 years of using macbook's ( this is my 3rd macbook) I had never needed to find actual files or folders.

I also wish that movie storm had animals ( pets) dogs, cats, etc..... I see a lot of things for violence and it would be nice to see things that we can relate to a bit more, things that are more common in our daily lives. I also would like to see things a bit more modern looking like paint colors, wallpapers, a better furniture selection, more things for the houses, the ability to change the covers on books and magazines would be nice. You have a couple of things for a doctor like a mask but there is no equipment to go along with it that a doctors office would have and tools would be nice besides knives.

These are just my thoughts and personal preferences speaking as a Canadian living in the USA, there is to much violence in this country it would be nice to create movies leading away from the violent content that we see on TV every day.

Thank you.

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Posted 05 November 2013 - 12:06 PM


I share some of the same issues you do (it is easier to shoot someone than comfort someone in Moviestorm).

A great help are the mods and addons the community provides. There's props, set elements, gestures, walks, costumes...see the marketplace under "third party mods".

To your question about doctor equipment, there are a couple of addons you can find that have all sorts of operating-room stuff. See, for instance, this thread

Learning how to make my own props in Sketchup and import them has been a help, too. (For handheld props I have to seek help from the community, as the tool that lets you insert "bones" in props so they can be picked up and manipulated costs more than I currently want to spend.)
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Posted 05 November 2013 - 03:07 PM

That is a good idea. As far as animals,I have created a lot of animated animals and some of the other users have created them too.

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