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Troubled by castings narrow age aura

30 January 2015 - 10:17 PM

I’m troubled by Moviestorm’s youthful atmosphere, where only teens, millennials and 30 somethings seem to dominant casting.  A good age mix within casting would better represent society as it is, and better serve casting and creative movie makers, and likely be more marketable.  :)

However, there appears to be very little material suggesting the elderly.  For instance, one wishing to portray an over 50 professor-type with a paunch, or a fat sixties something fisherman, will find it difficult.  Perhaps one can create the head of a 60 year old; however, upon which teen body would it be placed? :huh:
Please believe me, I have nothing against youth.  I was there once too.  I can assure all, I didn’t cultivate this crop of silver hair because I took leave of my cognitive skills, or because of age.  As it happens, I’m still going strong. :D
Nevertheless; I’m saddened, it appears those of us over 60 aren’t considered a visible market any longer, one could get the impression that anyone over 50 is somewhere in the shadows, on lookers, not contributors or even participants.  Though, I believe our money is still good. :unsure: