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In Topic: Problem with massive slowdown even making short videos

28 September 2015 - 12:45 PM

Thanks for the responses. I'll try a few different things when I make a new moviestorm video and see if I can get it to work smoother.


The video I had the largest slowdown on, I had five human characters and about a dozen zombie characters, lots of action and dialogue, and about five different sets going, and many camera angles, it was over 10 minutes long, so I can see how that one had major slowdown.


In my latest one, I had a lot of special effects going at once, despite it being a single set, so that may have contributed to it.

In Topic: DJ Breach Breathers Top 10 MMORPGs

28 September 2015 - 05:52 AM

I'm Sorry when I first tried to view this i was on my i-phone (which happens to be Buggy) and when i tapped on the link nothing happened, i hit refresh and some dumb AD pop'ed up, same thing happened again today at work on my brake when I saw all these replies, I actually had to turn on my computer when I got home tonight to view this YouTube Video.

but Honestly it's the first YouTube Video i was not able to view on my iPhone, and considering an AD has popped up each time i have hit refresh on my web browser on my iPhone

hopefully you can understand why I originally thought this to be spam!


But your use of MoveStorm Is Well done and Nicely executed. now that i have seen the video!


i Seen My HandHeld Props in your video nice touch!

Thank you! I also used your HandHeld Camera in my previous MovieStorm series Early Script Apocalypse.

In Topic: DJ Breach Breathers Top 10 MMORPGs

18 September 2015 - 04:56 PM


I couldn't agree more with you, Pedro. PapaG's comment was a bit unfortunate but I doubt he didn't mean to be harsh. The forums have been lately under repeated attack by nasty bots posting stupid spam that needed to be removed by the site staff. Most probably PapaG was a bit too quick on the trigger and shot an innocent bystander.





To be fair, I had not yet uploaded an avatar picture when he responded, so the lack of an avatar may have made him believe that it was spam. (And, despite my video being a satire of the dime a dozen Top 10 videos of YouTube, he may have seen the "Top 10" in the description and without reading further or watching the video, thought it was spam.)

In Topic: DJ Breach Breathers Top 10 MMORPGs

18 September 2015 - 04:47 PM


I know where you are coming from but I would recommend to not get so sensitive about the things you post. You may spend 300 hours on a video and someone who has never made one or didn't watch your video may say that it is trash. Hopefully, you liked what you posted and that, believe me, is the only thing that matters. You can always watch the videos of the people that pass judgement on your work and be the judge of their work. Sometimes people that have never made any videos could be very critical. So what?? Anyone who makes videos, specially complex, longer videos, know how much work and passion it takes to make one. People may decide to tell you how your video could have been better. At which point you take the advice or you throw it away. That is always your choice since you decide what goes on your videos. 


Do stop sharing your videos. Your video is obviously not SPAM and that comment was very likely a mistake. In this community, we need every person we can get. Specially the people that go through the trouble of creating material. We can always dispense with critics but the video producers are so important, we can not afford to lose one. 

I actually re-edited my post because I realized I was being far too mean and far too sensitive about it, but you quoted my previous message before I re-edited it.


It most probably was a mistake, but one that could easily be avoided by someone actually reading my description or actually watching the video in question. I honestly don't care if someone likes or dislikes the video in question, just labeling my work as "Spam" really peeved me off. That's actually far worst than negative criticism, implying my work was that of a spam bot.

In Topic: DJ Breach Breathers Top 10 MMORPGs

18 September 2015 - 03:12 PM

Waits for apology from a Pioneer of this community for calling my Moviestorm Video that I spent three days working on for purely entertainment "Spam" ... ok, clearly not gonna happen. For those who can actually bothered to read my opening post, my Top 10s  MOVIESTORM VIDEO was clearly a (get this) SATIRE of the YouTube genre.