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Animations ?different? Female puppets

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#1 mloakley


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Posted 07 August 2018 - 05:16 PM

I had created some animations, bending elbow, move arm back, wrist turns, and of course the fingers. When using different puppets the results are not the same.


These are the puppets I used: from the menu; Kay - New Female - Gina and Nimah.


Kay does all the animations I created, but the New Female, Gina and Nimah do not. 


So I'm left scratching my head, wondering why the puppet Kay can do all the animations, but the others the arms go funky. (????)


Kay is the first puppet, New female second puppet, Gina third, Nimah fourth.


This is the video to show the puppets with the animations.




second video here - new animations created (both arms/leg animations) female puppet will do the leg animations no problem, just not arms




Any help/info would be awesome. Thank you.




UPDATED POST: PS...an fyi -  investigating a bit more, All the females from the MetroStyle Stock, the Arm animations work, & the females from the (FemaleHairStyles stock and Base01 stock or the other stocks) arm animations don't work. Leg animations work on all stocks. 

#2 Nahton


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Posted 08 August 2018 - 01:57 AM

Hi mloakley,


I can provide a partial answer. The distortion is caused by the forearm twist bones being out of alignment. Truthfully, they are the bane of animation modding. If you take a look at your Fragmo modding file. 


I believe the metro style is one of the last addons they produced. I'm guessing the model is skinned to the main bones and somehow ignores the twist bones. This is something I was completely unaware of prior to this. If all puppets were produced in this fashion it would have made modding so much easier. 

#3 mloakley


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Posted 08 August 2018 - 12:44 PM

Thank you, Nahton.


It was by fluke when I choose a puppet (Kay) at random to model my tapping fingers. I have noticed that about the twist bone. Understandable about being the bane of animation modding. When my tapping fingers worked, I thought, cool, finally did something right. LOL


As always I test my animations and when I did a new one, I chose one of the other puppets and it didn't work, arm distortion. So I tried the new animation on the Kay puppet and she did fine. So I searched the folder under MS for Kay and found her in the MetroStyle, so I pulled the other 2 females from that folder, and sure enough, they did the animations. I also tested them on the older stock, to come to my conclusion.


I agree, too bad they weren't all produced in that fashion as the newer female puppets were. What fun it could have been creating new animations instead of not.


Well, guess I'll be added to that list of frustration too, at least to have an animation work with all the models. And in the meantime, knowing the animations will work with the Metro chicks, at least can see my work in action. And these 3 can be changed in the dressing room.  :lol:


I like using fragmo, it's easier for me , and your tutorial was very helpful. But the male puppet inside fragmo, when you bend a forearm up or down, just goes distorted right away. As long as I don't have to bend his arm until I figure that out, I can do some male arm animations.


Thanks again, Nahton, I appreciate your reply to my post.



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