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Female01 Multi-morphing Full body Character

02 August 2016 - 10:36 AM

JaneV1: A Bit of an experiment  in One Mesh morphing MovieStorm Character.  


One all inclusive full body mesh:



The Character above is free use it's own mesh typology. Not limited by Neck-seam typology and skin weight matching to the universal head.


I kept (basic match of the original Female01 bone placement)  the general size/shape, scalp, fingers, face and feet close to the original characters to be able to use the stock animations and hair.


A simple morph on the feet mesh part; lowers/flattens them to what you see above.... no need to keep her on her toes all the time. It didn't turn out too strange 


Sadly MovieStorm bodies only have 4 variant morph options per costume.If I build a Variant5 and more, a java error  would result on saving a new addon update.

I may be able to build  my morphing character into the HEAD options and use a dummy body; giving me many morphing options per character costume...


Below a few variations and possibilities:. on the ONE costume



A video to see JaneV1 in action:


You'll see from the video... A little more skin weighting on the arms and face could improve the animation outcomes.

Also I didn't clear the dialog overlapping on the demo-tutorial above... so there is some "mouth jitter talking" .

A problem within Moviestorm rather then my character.



I do hope to release the above (and much more) JaneV1 to my August2016 rewards patreons..  


Next step.... For faster skinning I'll build the Full body morphing BODY without eyes,teeth and tongue... and add those missing parts as a HEAD face-interior. 


Animations Works in progress for July2016

10 July 2016 - 03:53 AM

Some, not all is in the 'works' for  July2016 Reward patreons; if there is enough time..

Animations above are mapped to my 4 Moviestorm puppets (male01, female01, Danny01, Cory )


From this stage there is much work to be done in building transitions, layers and tuning in each animation for each puppet; bringing more 'character' into the animations...
The animations requiring props (Smoking pipe,chairs,etc.) will be more time intensive, so going for the simpler animation first. unknown just how much is going to make it into a release...
Hope you enjoyed the peak into some of the works at the moment.
Thanks for your support. Stay tuned for updates on my Patreon page in the weeks to come...