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Looking For Panellists & Questions

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Posted 19 April 2011 - 12:27 PM

Hi Moviestormers,
As previously posted, we are looking in to doing a Richard special, where we debate issues in Moviestorm, similar to the BBC's Question Time (See here for more information on the show itself.) Thanks to help from Lucinda McNary, we may be able to do this over SKYPE. Lucinda has also said she will take part as the "Pioneer" panellists, and Writerly is taking the "Modder's" seat So we are looking for TWO more panellists

The panellists would hopefully be
-A Moviestorm Staff member
-A MS Modder
-An MS Pioneer
-Another member of MS, with issues about the program, and/or experiences with another machinima program.

To fill the criteria, you must of had:
-MS Staff: You must have the sexy orange "MS Staff" sticker next to your name, just to prove your identity hehe
-MS Modder: TAKEN
-MS Pioneer: TAKEN
-Other MS Member The same as pioneer, except you don't need the badge, and preferably a few issues with MS, prehaps aspects you don't understand. However, the debate isn't a platform to vent spleen, it is the chance for you to put across your argument in a respectful way, and have it answered by experienced people. Nor is it a platform to ask questions. We hope viewers questions would be answered in some respects, but it is a show to debate issues.

The other panellist will obviously be Richard, who will chair the debate, keep it cool, and ask the questions.

We also want Moviestormers to submit questions. Please don't submit questions like "Moviestorm keeps crashing, what should I do?" See the HELP FORUM for that.

Questions and Moviestormers wishing to be part of the panel can be submitted via PM, forum reply, or this email address

As I put on the other forum post, regarding submitting for a place on the panel, could you please give us the following data:
WHAT SEAT ON THE PANEL YOU COULD TAKE: (e.g- staff member, modder, pioneer)
SKYPE NAME: (If applicable)

Collecting this data will, primarily, help us find a suitable time for all participants.

Thanks for reading, we look forward to your questions!

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