Moviestorm Affiliate Program

Become a Moviestorm affiliate

Do you know people who'd be interested in Moviestorm? Refer customers to us, and we'll pay you a commission.

How it works

We've partnered with leading affiliate marketing service clixGalore to provide an easy, proven way to track people you send us and ensure you get paid.

It's simple to set up, works worldwide, and doesn't cost you anything.

We provide you with a selection of banners and text links which you can use on your Web sites, blogs or emails. Any time someone clicks on one of your links, they're tracked as a referral from you, and if they buy something from us, we'll give you a cut.

Become an affiliate

Getting up and running takes three easy stages.

1   Create your affiliate account with clixGalore.

They'll approve your application within a couple of working days.

2   Request Moviestorm banners and links from clixGalore.
We'll approve your application within a couple of days.

3   Grab the code and put it into your Web site, blog, email or newsletters.

And that's it - start promoting and start earning!

Download full instructions here.


If you have any other questions, please contact us




What do I earn? 

You get 20% of any sale that comes through your referral within 90 days of them clicking through. This includes sales of Moviestorm points as well as Moviestorm bundles and theme packs. If the customer takes out a recurring subscription, you will only get a commission on their first payment, not on any subsequent payments.

Why does it say 16.50% on the offer on clixGalore?

We pay you 20% of the actual product price, excluding taxes. The prices on the Moviestorm Web site are inclusive of all taxes, as required by UK law. This works out as 16.5% of the total price.

How do I know how much I’ve earned?

clixGalore has a handy dashboard that shows you how many times your banner has been shown, how many clicks you’re getting, what sales you’ve made, and how much you’ve earned. Once you’ve signed up with them, it’s pretty straightforward to see what’s going on.

When do I get paid?

clixGalore pays you monthly to a Paypal account (or bank check for US residents only). Your total commission must be at least US$50 or AUD$100 or UK£35 or €60 (note that commissions from other merchants also count towards this if you’ve also signed up with other people). We don’t pay you directly, so please direct any payment queries to clixGalore.

I have another question about clixGalore...

Check out their FAQ

Can I create my own banners?

No. The banners we give you have a unique tracking code in the URL. If you create your own, clixGalore won’t track them properly and you won't get paid for referrals.

Can I write my own text?

Absolutely! If you write about Moviestorm and why you like it, people will be far more likely to click through and find out more than if you just put a banner on your Web site. One of the text links is a template that allows you to put whatever text you like into the link. Use that instead of a simple link to Moviestorm when you write about us, and that will get tracked like a banner.

Why are there so many approval stages?

It's the way clixGalore does it to prevent spammers becoming affiliates.

Can I recommend other people to be affiliates?

Of course! clixGalore is open to everyone, so just tell them to sign up in the same way you do.








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How it works

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What's the deal?


For experienced affiliates, here's what you need to know:

  • We pay 20% commission
  • Software sells for up to $250 / £150
  • Earn more if your referrals buy extra content
  • 90-day cookies
  • Partnered with clixGalore for easy-to-use, proven worldwide service
  • Text links and animated banners provided
  • To get started, search for "Moviestorm" on clixGalore