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Stop dreaming about making movies. Do it!

Have you ever wanted to make your own movies? Moviestorm opens up the world of filmmaking to absolutely anyone.

You don’t need to invest in expensive kit or software, you don’t need to spend years at film school studying how it’s done, and you don’t need to assemble a cast and crew before you can get going. 


Dog's life


"I looked at moviestorm as a fast and easy way to turn my writing into video. It has certainly been that, but has also actually improved my writing and taught me a lot about film making in the process. It's become one of my favourite hobbies."

RGR, creator of "A Dog's life"

Moviestorm gives you everything you need to make movies that look good and are fun to make. 


Ian Friar

"I felt that to have gone from never having made a movie at all, to winning the grand prize at The Machinima Expo (given that the competition was very strong with a lot of people who have been very well established, and respected for the movies that they create) was a huge ego boost."

IceAxe, creator of the award-winning Clockwork 

When you’ve made your movie, that’s just the start of it. Post it online, tell the world, and start a buzz. Top Moviestorm filmmakers have had their movies shown in prestigious film festivals around the world and have won awards.

A simple to use end-to-end video production tool, Moviestorm offers a huge number of benefits to all levels of filmmaker looking for fast and high quality filmmaking.


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Moviestorm is being used by all levels of filmmaker to create everything from trailers and opening scenes, through to short stories and full length features. It is also being used as a pre-production tool for animated storyboards and previs, as well as being a productive tool for fans of animation and modding.


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"Moviestorm's step by step process makes movie making easy, exciting and addicting!"

Mefune Akira


"They actually care about and are interested in machinima. The developers and staff are accessible and the community is helpful"

Judy Lee
Point of View Machinima


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