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Moviestorm for education

Simply make 3d animated movies on your school computer

The software is energising students in schools of all levels across the world, as a fast, fun and flexible cross-curriculum film-making tool. It is relevant to a wide variety of subjects, from languages and literature to science, music and media studies.

"I created a video where a character was presenting the topic in front of relevant images and played that to the classroom. I could just as easily have done that in real life but somehow being on film meant that the content engaged the kids completely in a way that a simple classroom presentation couldn’t have done."


John West, Faringdon College, Oxon, UK


Moviestorm helps you make learning more enjoyable and productive for your students.

Paul Carr helping Japanese students with language skills

"Some of my students are now working their lunch breaks because they're so inspired!"

Steve Thorne, Long Road Sixth Form College, Cambs, UK



Help your students to develop modern communication skills, express themselves in new ways, improve their media literacy, hone career skills - and have fun doing it!

How can Moviestorm help you?

Film schools and media courses

Moviestorm will empower your students like no other tool. They will be able to visualise their scripts and shoot complex scenes that would have been impossible without budget, crew or cast. They can be the whole film crew and develop their personal film making skills, whilst pre-vizualising their script will lead to cost savings in both production and pre-production.

Download our free e-book: The Moviestorm guide to previsualisation

Download our free e-book: Making Better Movies with Moviestorm Vol 1: Basic Camerawork


Useful for almost any course or subject. Visionary educators are finding more and more ways to include animation and multimedia in their teaching methods.

Download our free e-book: Using Animation in Schools - a practical handbook for teachers

Watch Moviestorm videos being used in Japan to teach language

Special needs

Ideal for students with learning difficulties who have problems expressing themselves through text or in front of a class.

See how one autistic student in Tucson, Arizona used Moviestorm to get an A+ grade 

Collaborative learning 

Enables students to work together on projects, which promotes teamwork and helps them to develop their multimedia skills.

Download our free e-book: Making Movies with Moviestorm: a guide for schools

Read a case study of a collaborative media project in a UK school

Free resource sharing

Designed with schools in mind and includes free downloadable resources to help you and your students get started. Our development team works closely with teachers worldwide to ensure that Moviestorm meets your needs.

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Younger ages 

We also provide a version of the software with content to suit a younger audience.  With the explorative games-style interface, children of all ages have found Moviestorm to be compelling and fun way to express themselves.

Download the Schools edition cover image

Watch some Moviestorm films











Featured case study: John West

Read a SecEd article on how John West uses animation to support learningMusic Technology and Creative Media Teacher, Faringdon Community College, Oxfordshire UK


Teaching music, media and film studies to pupils across KS3, KS4, BTEC and A-Level, John has been using Moviestorm to bring animation into his teaching for over a year.


“The biggest challenge with using animation is the huge range of possibilities – there are literally hundreds of ways you can use something like Moviestorm in teaching so its a matter of pinning down the best ones” says John.


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Download the SecEd 'Animating the classroom' article

What do I do now?

1  Download

Download the FREE trial to see what it can do, and to test it on your target school computers.


2  Guidance

Use the video tutorials, e-book guides and lesson plans to help you or your students get going.


3  Buy

When ready, you can buy either single or multiple user licenses. Look at our pricing and find out how to buy

What our customers say


"Moviestorm is an exciting alternative to existing animation software that is currently available. It's intuitive interface, richly textured environments and characters plus its fully functional directorial suite makes it an impressive tool for planning, directing and editing animated movies. My students are already discovering new ways to utilise Moviestorm for class assignments, choosing this over other presentation styles. Who wouldn't want a fully made animated movie to communicate your understanding on a given subject? The tutorial support provided is a neat addition to an already impressive package."

Steven Caldwell, MLC School, NSW, Australia



"With the increasing emphasis on students being media literate and being prepared for today’s knowledge economy it is essential that students of all ages engage with industry standard tools to be able to understand and create resources of the highest quality. This is where Moviestorm really stands head and shoulders above the competition."

Adrian Hall, former Programme Director Personalised Content, UK DFES


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