Setting Up Shop

Create a desktop shortcut to your Moviestorm directory. You’ll be in and out of these files quite often so this will lessen your steps.

For Windows, the directory is in ‘C:\Program Files\’.

For Apple’s OS X, the program files are usually invisible. To open them, go to Applications>Moviestorm. Right click (or control-click using the keyboard) on Moviestorm and select Show Package Contents. Browse through Contents to Resources. This folder contains the main Moviestorm installation, including the Addon folder with all the Addons.

Create a custom Addon folder - In the Moviestorm directory, open the Addon folder. Create a new folder. For starters, something like Custom 01 is probably best. You can always move items into another, more aptly named, Addon later. The reason for setting this up now is that any files or folders added to the directory while Moviestorm is running will not be seen by Moviestorm until it is restarted. So, always create your new files and folders before starting Moviestorm.

Familiarize yourself with the Addon folder structure - In the Moviestorm directory, open the Addon folder. Every Addon that you have installed is listed there. Take the time to go through them and notice the folder structure. Example: Moviestorm\Addon\Custom\Data\Props\Primitives\Textures. When adding new content such as models or textures you’ll have to mimic these structures to be successful.

Once you’ve received your license (check your email junk folder), start Moviestorm and go to the Settings menu. You now have a new Advanced Features Tab. Go there and click the Go To Modder’s Workshop button. Remember, check the forums often and please leave feedback, questions, and stories of success.

Note: In this guide, you will see this - (???). In these places, it was felt that the information was correct but that there was more to it. As this is a wiki, feel free to fill in these blanks!

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