Getting to Know the Modshop

12/08- Moviestorm Release 1.1.3

The Modshop interface is initially very familiar and clean looking. Along the top we have what I’ll call the “Toolbar” for now. In the background we have our familiar “Floor Grid”. And on the left we have the “Master Browser”.

The Toolbar

Master Browser button - In case you close the Master Browser, pressing this will re-open it. It can take a very long time so be patient. Pressing it a second time while Moviestorm is still loading the first will bring the Modshop to a screeching halt.

Publisher Login button - To publish the Addons that you create, which makes them usable within Moviestorm, you must be logged in with the publisher name and password from your Modder’s Licence confirmation email.

Current Addon selector - This determines where the Modshop will place your content, and its associated files, when you save it. If you followed step #2 in the “Setting Up Shop” post, your Addon is already listed here. Note: The current Addon will change as you select items that are already in an Addon. Make sure to check that your intended Addon is selected before saving anything.

Tile Editor selector - This isn’t really the “Tile Editor”. It seems that no one came up with a name for this device so its dialog is just the same as your first option when pulling down its menu. Choosing Tile Editor in the menu will bring up the actual Tile Editor which is for using textures and images to create materials for Floors (i.e. carpet, grass, etc.), Walls (i.e. wallpapers, bricks, etc.), and Ceilings. The Sketchup Importer also resides here. As for the other options in the pull down menu, they seem to be related to animations. (???) (This section needs expanding)
List of things to stay on screen Icon - Later, when you have a prop on the screen, hit this icon to bring up the “Props Shown” menu. At the bottom right, choose “Add Current”. Your prop is now listed above. You can untick the “Shown” box of the prop which makes it invisible. Along the bottom left, choosing the options “Floor” through “Table” will change the height of your prop’s placement, for what purpose I can’t really tell (???). Once the “Props Shown” menu is opened, every prop you choose is placed upon the the exact same spot and you cannot delete a prop from the set in the same way you would traditionally. When you only have one prop in the list, it is the “Current” prop. Browsing to and choosing another prop will place it on the Floor Grid on the previous prop. Hitting “Add Current” again will add the second prop to the bottom of the list and make it the “Current” prop. You cannot delete the current prop but highlighting the props above it on the list and hitting “Remove Selected” will take them off both the screen and the list. Hitting “Remove All” will take the current prop off the list but it will remain on the screen.

The Floor Grid

Movement and rotation work the same way in the Modshop as it does normally within Moviestorm and are the only functions of the Floor Grid. Its purpose is solely for viewing the content which you are creating or modifying.

The Master Browser

This is where the majority of your work will take place.

Show Addon selector - Affecting only the “Models” folder below, this helps speed up the search for particular items. With its default “<All>”, every model in every Addon will be listed. Set to “Sci-Fi01”, the only models listed will be those from that Addon.

Addons folder - A more descriptive name would be “Addon- Publishing”. Once you have content in your Addon you can choose it in the drop down menu, “Publish” it for use in Moviestorm and “Pack” it for distributing it to others or to Short Fuze for approval once the Publisher’s Marketplace is in operation. Note: You must be logged in as a Publisher (see above- Publisher Login button) before opening the Addons folder in order to publish an Addon. Untick the “Requires a license” box when publishing as the system for distributing End User Licenses for user created content isn’t currently in place.

Models folder - The heart of the Master Browser, here you can browse to and modify content such as props or costumes or set up new content to be used within Moviestorm.

Verbs, Animation States, Animation Transitions, and Animations without Transitions folders - These are all related to animations. (???) (This section needs expanding)

Files folder - In this folder you can browse to every file within the Moviestorm directory. However, as you can’t actually do anything to the files, I’m at a loss as to what purpose it serves. (???)

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