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Businesses of any size can benefit from Moviestorm’s fast, easy video production. You don’t need a large budget or an expensive creative team to build videos that will attract, inform, and entertain your customers and employees.

"We worked with Moviestorm because we wanted to create a communications video that was different! One that would 'stand out from the crowd' of normal corporate communications and really get the message across. In our case this was about the benefits of using social media to enable collaboration. The video has really caught people's attention and helped get the message across." 

Graeme Mackay, Head of knowledge management, Fujitsu 


Studies show that the "YouTube generation" respond better to video than anything else.



"Moviestorm makes outstanding presentations available to all. If you have a compelling message to communicate, you no longer have the excuse that it's too expensive or complicated to execute. Do a Moviestorm video for your business and I'm certain it will get watched."


Philip Morley, Think Industries 



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How Moviestorm can help you

Make commercials on a budget

Moviestorm allows you to create advertising suitable for Web or television at a fraction of the cost of traditional filming. By making your commercials in-house, you retain control and avoid slow, expensive ad agencies.

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Create effective training videos

For larger organizations, Moviestorm enhances your internal communication and training solutions. Employees respond well to videos, ensuring all your staff stay up to speed.

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Liven up your corporate presentations

Open your meetings with a video instead of a traditional PowerPoint presentation and stand out from the crowd. Put your video on your Web site to engage your potential customers.

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Communicate with your customers

Simple videos help your customers to understand your products and services. For companies wanting a closer relationship with their customers, video blogs provide a unique and interesting way to tell them the latest news.

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Let us create your movie!

Moviestorm production service

We at Moviestorm offer a video production service for those of you too busy to create the movies yourself

We can create finished movies at a fraction of the cost of most video production, and can offer a world of solutions that would normally be logistically or financially impractical.


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Why Moviestorm?

"it [sic] has proven to be a very compelling form of communication."

David Christopher, Oracle


"This is an ideal desktop animation engine for people who want to focus on the art and craft of cinematic storytelling without spending excessive time and energy in animating."

Chat Noir Studios


"The software is affordable and intuitive, and it offers the first video-sketch tool. Users can utilize the content packs offered in the download and customize them to suit their needs, and affordable bulk licenses are available for business use."

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New York Film Academy


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