Case study - Audio Analytic

Dr Chris Mitchell is CEO and Founder of Audio Analytic, company produces software that automatically recognises sounds by means of computer analysis.

"Audio Analytic is the emerging leader in sound classification" says Chris. "Our software is a new type of sound analysis tool capable of detecting various sounds, such as people getting aggressive or windows being broken.

Dr Chris Mitchell

We primarily sell this into the physical security market place, although there are lots of other applications for our technology too. How we do this is probably best characterised by reading how we made our Glass Break Sound Pack, as you can imagine we broke allot of windows!"   Audio Analytic needed to create a range of videos that demonstrated how the different sounds they are capable of detecting can be used in various physical security scenarios to alert security operators to crimes or incidents.   "This was critical for our partners as they needed a quick aid to explain the benefits of what we do clearly and succinctly; something only video could realistically achieve. This required us to put together a range of good and bad characters in a diverse range of settings and act out criminal and threating behaviour. This activity would then be picked up by our technology and show the response that would result by a security system that has been Audio Analytic enabled. These acts ranged from gun-crime, vandalism and assaults in a range of different environments, from US schools to UK conveyance stores. In all we wanted to somehow arrange nine different scenarios, including appropriate cast, costumes and props. We estimated we would need 30 actors capable of 'not making the videos look like a bad B movie' and probably some people who knew about directing as it is not our forte."


"We chose Moviestorm as it was the only way of achieving our objectives at the budgets we wanted while still achieving the sense of realism and control over the finished article that was critical for the videos to be effective."


"... Oh, and we could do it all ourselves using the easy to use Moviestorm software which came with an extensive and impressive range of bad guys and props."   "We now have a platform and a set of templates we can quickly re-use to create new scenarios for the full range of applications of Audio Analytic enabled physical security devices; the response from our partners has been fantastic." 


"Moviestorm allows you to achieve an objective which you thought would be prohibitively expensive while only using 3-4 days of your time from a zero experience starting position to achieve it."


"We intend to use Moviestorm to create a range of movies for various scenarios. The growing range of templates we have will allow us to do this with increasing ease and our growing knowledge of how to use the software’s more advanced features continues to allow us to create even more realistic videos and imaginative scenarios." 




 This video shows how the aggression, car alarms, gun shot and glass break (intrusion) Sound Packs™ can be used in hospitals, clinics, dentist practices and other public and private care providers. It looks at four different security scenarios and how our unique sound recognition technology can be used to improve the safety and security of healthcare facilities.




Lone worker

This video shows how aggression, glass break (intrusion) and gun shot Sound Packs™ can be used in motels, 24/7 convenience stores, motor way services and late night coffee shops. It reviews three security scenarios and how they can be addressed using our unique sound recognition technology to provide greater protection for lone workers in managed security scenarios.





This video shows how aggression, gun shot and glass break (vandalism) Sound Packs™ can be used in schools, colleges and university campuses. It looks at three different security scenarios and how the various Sound Packs can be used to minimise the threats to human life, respond to violence and tackle vandalism in education facilities.


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