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Special Effects

Liven up your Moviestorm movies with this truly explosive pack! Or, if you prefer, dampen everyone's spirits with rain, snow and ice. You're the director - it's your choice.

The special effects pack completely transforms what you can do with Moviestorm. Add dramatic action with customisable explosions, fireworks, flashes, and smoke. Light up your scenes with customisable blazing fires, burning barrels, toxic sludge and steaming vents. Give your actors wands, sparklers and lighted torches for those Indiana Jones or Harry Potter moments, and then, for a final touch, add weather effects.

The versatility of this pack is limitless, especially when combined with our other content packs. Combine it with lasers and lighting rigs for wicked stage pyrotechnics, use the torches, rain, boulders and trees for high-octane jungle adventures, give your characters the magic touch, or give your cops criminals to truly fear by giving them access to dynamite and bombs!

This is one content pack you simply can't afford to leave out. Without it, will your movies really be special?

Check out Moviestorm Made Easy - adding weather video tutorial.

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