Release version

Build Number: 25863

Release Version: Moviestorm


New features

  • The Start button on the Moviestorm Launcher now takes much less time to become available.

  • Content Packs can now be downloaded in the background, while Moviestorm is running.

  • You now have the opportunity to try each Moviestorm Content Pack once, for 7 days, at no cost. This replaces the ability to rent Content Packs for 24 hour periods.

  • When a Content Pack is purchased from within Moviestorm, the download will start immediately in the background.

  • The Moviestorm Launcher will now show a notification if you have new personal messages. Click the notification to be taken to the Moviestorm website, where you can read your messages.

  • Content Packs (and third-party addons) can now be uninstalled from the Launcher. Official Moviestorm Content Packs will reinstall automatically, and repatch if reinstalled.

  • You can now install more than one Content Pack at once using the Install addon file button on the Launcher.

  • The Moviestorm Launcher will now automatically restart when it closes as part of an update.


Resolved issues

  • Moviestorm patches will no longer be installed while the main Moviestorm application is running.

  • The scrolling arrows on the wall customization panel will no longer disappear after first use.

  • Cutting Room View clips need not be selected anymore - you can resize or delete any clip without using a selection process.

  • Dragging vehicles or mobile set objects in the Director's View will no longer cause Out Of Memory errors.

  • Fixed an issue with the lipsync functions, which could cause issues when attempting to lipsync particularly rapid speech.

  • If the Launcher fails to download a file correctly, the file will now be correctly deleted, enabling the Launcher to redownload the file next time it is run.




Build Number: 25904

Release Version: Moviestorm


Resolved issues

  • Vehicles and Mobile Props now work with Tiger and Leopard again.




Build Number: 25865

Release Version: Moviestorm


New features

  • Updated the version number for Moviestorm