Release notes - Version 1.5.4

Build Number: 30079

Release Version: Moviestorm 1.5.4


New features

  • Moviestorm is now usable for Moviestorm users whose account does not have an active subscription. Such users may not use the modders workshop, mods, or non-free content packs they do not own, and will have a watermark on any renders they do.
  • The Start button is available faster after starting the launcher. While it is orange, there are outstanding tasks (such as installing content, available patches or checking for updated content pack licences). When everything is ready, the Start button goes green.


Resolved issues

  • Undo/redo now available when modifying vehicle paths, and paths for moving objects such as ghosts.
  • When a character is saved to stock after being hidden on the timeline, they are no longer saved in a 'hidden' state that means that they do not show up on camera.
  • When using the 'delete' key to delete props in the set workshop, the customizer for a deleted prop will not appear after you have deleted the prop.
  • Screen capture now only uses depth of field (which is not working with anti-aliasing) when the camera uses depth of field.
  • Some look at's now initialiase correctly when you first load a scene that were not doing so previously.