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Chris Bouchard - Previsualizing a feature film with Moviestorm

Moviestorm on set

Chris Bouchard is an independent filmmaker working in London, UK. He used Moviestorm extensively in the planning stages of his new feature film, Looking Over The Dragon.

“It’s a really powerful preproduction tool - not just to visualise shots, but to help tune the dialog and plan camera angles. I was able to tweak the script on the fly, by being able to ‘watch’ the script and make refinements by trial and error. This helped me give the actors a refined script that flowed better, or didn’t lose momentum.”

He also used Moviestorm on set as a reference tool: “It’s a good way to aid communication from director to crew. I could show the director of photography what shots I had in mind, and help him to plan his lighting accordingly."

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Amrit Sonya Bains - Trailers to help pitch your script

Amrit Sonya Bains is a scriptwriter based in London

In order to pitch Dracula Spectacular to potential producers, Amrit decided to create an animated short film to show the concept. “Producers are always too busy to read a screenplay, plus there is always the issue of unsolicited material unless you have an agent. It makes perfect sense to send a video link, and that way there is no limit to how many producers you can pitch to.”

Initially, however, Amrit couldn’t find anyone to create the animation she needed within her budget. Then she discovered Moviestorm at the 2011 London Screenwriters Festival, and found out that they could make the film for her. “Once I had sent them the script it was all systems go. It was great to know that Moviestorm were just as excited about my project as I was. I believe that it benefits to have more than one imaginative mind and perspective to create something great.

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Blockhouse TV - Jack & Holly children's DVD series

Jack and Holly

Independent TV production studio, Norwich, UK

Husband and wife Jezz and Julianne Wright have 15 years experience of TV production at senior level, but have recently had to step back in order to care for their own young children.

They founded their own studio, but needed something that they could do on a limited budget with minimal staff.

Their first production, Jack and Holly, is a DVD series for pre-school children. The first one is Jack and Holly’s Christmas Countdown, which includes ten short episodes and some extras.

"Moviestorm gave us the ability to create professional animations at a fraction of the costs.'" says Blockhouse lead animator Graham Jones.

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Sabrina Peña Young - Create a feature length opera film


Sabrina Peña Young is an award winning composer, and creator of Libertaria: The Virtual Opera, the subject of this case study.

Coming from a creative family, and with a passion for percussion, video games and opera, Sabrina knew what she wanted to do - create a virtual opera that would appeal to a younger digital generation.  This detailed case study tells the story of that production, as well as providing hints and tips for other ambitious creatives. 

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Iain Friar - Winning awards at film festivals

Iain Friar

Iain Friar is a machinima director from the UK. Having started out making comedy sketches, he moved on to more thought-provoking and visually interesting drama.

See Iain Friar's machinima blog.

His most successful movie so far is Clockwork, which has been screened at film festivals around the world, and virtual festivals online. It has won many awards including Ollies for Best Arthouse and Best Shortform movie, and in 2009 won the Machinima Expo Grand Prize.

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Priscilla Angelique - Music videos

Priscilla Angelique is a record label owner, musician, teacher and animator.

Working out of London, Priscilla runs a record label called “A Priscilla thing”, a label she founded in 2004 to give aspiring musicians and artists a chance to develop musically and to help them release their music to a much wider audience. Focusing mainly on urban music, she is involved in everything including music writing, artwork and photo production as well as music video production. She also teaches music technology as well as producing her own music for release through her label.

Read more and watch examples of Priscilla's music videos

Damien Valentine - Create an epic sci-fi animated series

Damien Valentine

Damien Valentine is a long-term machinimator. He is currently making the Chronicles of Humanity series, working with Felicia Day (The Guild, Buffy, Dr Horrible).

"Chronicles of Humanity was originally made with The Sims and I was never truly happy with that version, so I thought about switching to Moviestorm for season two. But I was so impressed by Moviestorm's capabilities when seeing what I could do, I decided to go back and remake the whole thing."

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Craig Rintoul - Exploring animation

Craig RintoulCraig Rintoul from Cambridge, Ontario, is an experienced writer and broadcaster who turned to machinima in 2009 to make his own projects, and has recently begun to specialize in making animated mods.

"I get a kick out of seeing an inanimate object move. I know it's silly, but that’s just so cool to see happen. And to be honest, I get a kick out of people wanting to use my mods. It’s an ego boost, what can I say? Static props are now easy as pie, which is why I am happy to knock one off for someone in under an hour, if I have the spare time. If I have made something and think that others might be interested, I share it."

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Arthur V. Kuhrmeier - Modding and filmmaking

Arthur V. Kuhrmeier from Germany has made a huge impact with his innovative mods. In his first two months, he’s released 11 videos.

"Only Moviestorm gives me the power to concentrate on what filmmaking means to me: being the director. I can’t even remember how I found it, and I wonder why I didn’t find it before. It’s more like Moviestorm chose me. I was searching the web uncountable times to find an application which allowed me to do what I wanted to. I looked at other packages, and at first I thought “Cool, you can even move every finger.” But then I thought, “do I want to direct ten actors or hundred fingers?” I decided for the actors."

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Jorge Campos - Create a voice acting portfolio

Jorge Campos

Jorge Campos, better known to the machinima community as act3scene24, was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. He’s of Mexican descent, and has an amazing array of voices, which he uses to get freelance voice acting work. He also writes and makes short films, when he’s not helping out with his father’s watch and jewellery repair shop.

Although he started a university course in Information Technology, Business and Communications, Jorge’s real passion is story-telling. “After growing up to want to be a ninja and a baseball player,” he grins, “my passion was always story-telling. I wanted to write and direct in Hollywood. I got serious about it when I was about 15 years old and started writing stories in play-format because I didn’t know the screenplay format. When I was about 16, I started buying How-To books to learn writing screenplays and story format even though storytelling for me, was natural.

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Eduardo Soto-Falcon - Full length animatic storyboard


Eduardo Soto-Falcon is an award-winning filmmaker and scriptwriter currently based in Toronto.

Before graduating summa cum laude in the Cinema department of Ithaca College, NY, he worked on Like Water for Chocolate (1992), one of the most successful Mexican films of all time, and then went on to work on several major films, including Clear and Present Danger (1994) as well as the self-financed film El Paje (1999). His cult short movie Dhampira (2001) has been cited by critics as one of the most innovative Mexican horror films, alongside Guillermo de Toro’s Cronos. Recently, he has been developing content for Web distribution and low-budget films while continuing to work on the ideas in Dhampira.

Read more and watch Dhampira

Dean Wells - Short films and trailers


Dean Wells

A scriptwriter and effects artist, who uses Moviestorm to help pitch films and create showreels.

Dean Wells (aka scripter) is a scriptwriter living in London, who writes both short and feature length films for the British and American markets. He also runs a Web site, The Screenwriters Cove, which allows scriptwriters and producers to work together effectively.

"Moviestorm, in my opinion, is without doubt the best for price. To have a programme to learn from which contains many, many, addons, is absolutely superb! It can be used for short films, features, learning tools, ads, music videos, trailers, the list goes on."

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D.L.Watson - Short films and storyboards

D.L. Watson

D.L. Watson from Eugene, Oregon, is one of those real “characters” who epitomise the independent artist and who form the backbone of every community.

“It’s all about finding the right tools for the job,” he says. “Moviestorm is great for storyboards, even if you don’t use it in the film."

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