Moviestorm for iPad - Get Animated in 3d!


Seriously amazing app
"Whoa! This is an amazing piece of software just 5 minutes of playing around you're on your way to making an animated film. Enormous fun and tantalizing potential. Best new app I've seen all year." 



"If you've ever used the desktop version of Moviestorm, or Iclone, or even something like XtraNormal, you'll be pleasantly surprised. This is actually much easier to use, and the output looks fantastic! ...Can't wait to see what people produce using this app!" SFDex


It's soooo easy

"I'm so surprised how easy this is. The amount of customisation available is great and pairing it with iMovie makes for really great presentations. There's not many apps I get excited about but this is one of them." monkeyboyjase


Moviestorm: Get Animated In 3d - Moviestorm      Click to buy from US


Moviestorm: Get Animated In 3d - Moviestorm      Click to buy from UK 



No special skills required, Moviestorm is designed for super-fast semi-automated creation of simple but effective videos, to share.

Moviestorm is the start of a whole new approach to letting everyone create video messages, anywhere, anytime.  You can be whoever you want, wherever you want - just record your speech and your actor comes alive, ready for direction.


"Best new app I've seen all year"



Moviestorm iPad app


  • Create your own personal 3d avatar from a near infinite range of possible face shapes.
  • Dress your character from a huge range of costumes, hairstyles and accessories.
  • Set your scene anywhere, using photos as a backdrop, or go into the studio to present slides
  • Record speech, and your character will automatically lip sync
  • Let your avatar's AI perform for you, or take full control of emotes, gestures, moods, and camera moves on the timeline.
  • Use the stock camera positions, or create your own moves
  • Render your video out to your Camera Roll to share, or combine clips in apps like iMovie®.
  • Anyone can send simple but effective video messages from Moviestorm's virtual studio:
  • Create personal video profiles for social websites
  • Make a video blog post
  • Share your holiday snaps with your own commentary
  • Bring your Powerpoint® or Keynote® slideshows to life and give your presentation virtually anywhere in the world
  • If you're a teacher, why not create videos to introduce subjects and give your students a fun video production tool for coursework that enhances their learning


We will soon be adding loads more exciting features, so GET ANIMATED now and join the consumer video production revolution with Moviestorm!