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Moviestorm can play a useful role in professional film and television production as well as other creative media. Its fast, easy usability makes it an ideal “sketching tool” to rough out ideas and go beyond simple storyboards. Moviestorm can also provide a fast, cheap alternative to more expensive and time-consuming production tools. 

"Moviestorm, in my opinion, is without doubt the best for price. To have a programme to learn from which contains many, many, addons, is absolutely superb! It can be used for short films, features, learning tools, ads, music videos, trailers, the list goes on." 

Dean Wells, Scriptwriter & Visual Effects Artist 




Not every animation task requires high-end tools


The main reason for choosing Moviestorm is its simplicity. In five minutes you can have walking, talking characters in a great set. If you take your time you can create an animated video that has a professional feel without the professional fees.


Priscilla Angelique, Record Label Owner, Musician, Teacher and Animator



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How Moviestorm can help you

Previsualize your live action shoots

Use Moviestorm to generate rough versions of your movie that do more than any conventional storyboard, including camera moves, lighting, and sound. Save money on set, and save time in post-production.

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Pitch your movies

Impress potential investors, partners, studios and audiences with a rough cut of your movie that clearly shows your vision better than a script ever can. A short trailer or even a complete demo movie is great for Kickstarter or other crowd funding routes.

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Test your screenplays

One of the hardest parts of the screenwriter’s craft is learning how the words on the page will come out on the screen. Moviestorm allows you to try out your scripts and see how well they work when they’re filmed. It’s a handy tool for writer/directors, and it’s a great way for writers to increase their understanding of what directors and editors need.

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Make low-budget content

For some creative tasks, you don’t need to use slow, expensive high-end tools. Moviestorm can provide a fast, cheap alternative for a variety of your animation needs. It has been used for children’s television, music video, computer games, commercials and corporate videos.

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Make a voice showreel

Voice actors can enhance their showreels with a variety of short animated clips. This shows your versatility and helps casting directors to see you in many different potential roles.

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Let us create your movie!

Moviestorm production service

We at Moviestorm offer a video production service for those of you too busy to create the movies yourself

We can create finished movies at a fraction of the cost of most video production, and can offer a world of solutions that would normally be logistically or financially impractical.


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Why Moviestorm?


"Moviestorm saves money on your budget. You don't need to buy your actors lunch." 
Michael Cornetto
"The beauty of using Moviestorm as a form of animation is its simplicity and ease of use."
Jezz Wright, Blockhouse T.V