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Moviestorm can play an essenial role in professional film and television production as well as other creative media.

Its fast, easy usability makes it an ideal “sketching tool” to rough out ideas and go beyond simple scripts and storyboards.



"Moviestorm, in my opinion, is without doubt the best for price. To have a programme to learn from which contains many, many, addons, is absolutely superb! It can be used for short films, features, learning tools, ads, music videos, trailers, the list goes on." 

Dean Wells

Scriptwriter & Visual Effects Artist




Moviestorm can also provide a low cost alternative to more expensive and time-consuming production tools.


Not every animation task requires high-end tools either. Moviestorm's flexibility through customisation and modding offers animators a tool to create their own style, and then quickly produce low cost DVD quality animation.




“Before we discovered the power and flexibility of Moviestorm we were in 'render hell' with an ever increasing overdraft and immense frustration.”


Jezz Wright
Blockhouse TV, 
Creators of Jack & Holly



Moviestorm removes the logistical restraints that can inhibit the realisation of an idea. There is no need to source locations, hire actors and crew or expensive equipment to shoot complex scenes.

More so, used as a previz tool, Moviestorm can test locational logistics of a live shoot, and provide accurate direction for actors and crew.



A simple to use end-to-end video production tool, Moviestorm offers a huge number of benefits to all levels of filmmaker looking for fast and high quality filmmaking.


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Moviestorm is being used by all sorts of creative professionals.


By scriptwriters to improve their narrative and test their scripts, as a pre-production tool for animated storyboards and previs live shoots,

by theatre directors to improve performance and audience experiences, by game developers to test story narrative, and by animators to create fast 3d animated stories.


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"Moviestorm saves money on your budget. You don't need to buy your actors lunch."

Michael Cornetto


"The beauty of using Moviestorm as a form of animation is its simplicity and ease of use."

Jezz Wright, Blockhouse T.V


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