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As a registered Moviestorm user you'll also get:

  • A director's page on the Moviestorm Web site
  • Full access to the Moviestorm forums
  • Online technical support
  • Hosting for your Moviestorm movies
  • Access to the Moviestorm marketplace to rent or buy extra content packs
  • The modder's workshop, so you can create and publish your own content

You need to register before you can use Moviestorm. This applies to both the free trial and the purchased versions.

By registering, you are creating a Moviestorm account. This will provide you with access to the free trial license, and your purchased license if you use an Activation Code.

In order to use your license, download and install Moviestorm, and login to the Launcher. The Launcher will then manage downloading and installing any content your license provides, as well as any software updates.

Activation keys

If you have an Activation key, apply it during registration.

You cannot upgrade an exisitng account using an Activation Code.