Film and media student benefits

A simple to use end-to-end video production tool, Moviestorm offers a huge number of benefits to film and media students looking for fast and high quality filmmaking.


Practice basic filmmaking techniques

The best way to develop your techniques, like any creative skill, is to practice them over and over, but you rarely get the time or resources to shoot as many films as you’d like. Moviestorm gives you a way to practice and experiment in your own time, whenever and wherever it’s convenient. Don’t worry about cast, crew, locations, or equipment, and take as many reshoots as you like.

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Making Better Movies with Moviestorm Vol 1: Basic Camerawork

Making Better Movies with Moviestorm Vol 2: Staging

Making Better Movies with Moviestorm Vol 3: Sound and Light

Making Better Movies with Moviestorm Vol 4: Editing


Previsualize your live action shoots

Make the most of your production time by creating animated storyboards complete with sound, camera movements and edits. Do more in pre-production, focus your energies on set on getting the shots you know you are going to need, and save time in post-production.

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The Moviestorm guide to previsualisation

Using Moviestorm to create storyboards


Film complex scenes you can't do in live action

Moviestorm enables you to shoot scenes that would be impractical on a student budget, such as crowd scenes, exotic and iconic locations, dangerous stunt and action sequences, or simply closing off a city street. No hassle with permits, safety, or logistics - just film everything in a virtual world.

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Develop visual storytelling skills

Moviestorm simplifies the filmmaking process so you can concentrate on telling your story. Spend your time planning, shooting and editing, not wrestling with complex animation and 3D modelling. By taking control of the whole movie from start to finish, you develop a deeper appreciation for how all the different elements work together.

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Build up your portfolio

Assemble a collection of movies and clips that show what you can do. Demonstrate your understanding and appreciation of what’s involved in making different types of film, and show your familiarity with many different parts of the film process. Moviestorm enables you to build up a large portfolio even if you are working primarily solo.

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