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Film making software for media studies and the flipped classroom


Moviestorm helps you flip your classroom

As film making software for film and media studies and the flipped classroom, Moviestorm's 3d animation tools are perfect for both teachers and students, throughout education.

Moviestorm not only provides you with an effective film production solution, but also helps your students to develop modern communication skills, express themselves in new ways, improve their media literacy, hone their career skills, work collaboratively - and have fun doing it!


Flipped learning can deliver a 85% improvement in grades

Now the required platforms are ubiquitous, innovative teachers can deliver 21st century techniques that energize learning, and engage the YouTube generation. From simple presentations to complex stories, Moviestorm offers the fastest and most flexible way to turn lessons and coursework into video.

95% of students believe video lectures enhance their learning.


"I created a video where a character was presenting the topic in front of relevant images and played that to the classroom. Being on film meant that the content engaged the kids completely in a way that a simple classroom presentation couldn’t have done."


John West, Faringdon College, Oxon, UK



A fast and simple filmmaking tool that doesn't detract from the core learning

With no filmmaking skills required or logistical limitations, Moviestorm encourages storytelling and supports collaboration, making learning more enjoyable and productive for your students.


Paul Carr helping Japanese students with language skills

60% of students say they like to use technology in the learning process

"Some of my students are now working their lunch breaks because they're so inspired!"

Steve Thorne, Long Road Sixth Form College, Cambs, UK


So, if accessibility, speed and quality are key considerations, try Moviestorm - you have nothing to lose.



A simple to use end-to-end video production tool, Moviestorm offers a huge number of benefits to teachers and students looking for fast and high quality filmmaking.


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Moviestorm is being beneficially utilised across the curriculum and across all educational sectors.


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Featured case study: John West


Music Technology and Creative Media Teacher, Faringdon Community College, Oxfordshire UK


Teaching music, media and film studies to pupils across KS3, KS4, BTEC and A-Level, John has been using Moviestorm to bring animation into his teaching for over a year.


“The biggest challenge with using animation is the huge range of possibilities – there are literally hundreds of ways you can use something like Moviestorm in teaching so its a matter of pinning down the best ones” says John.


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What our customers say

"My Level 2 student's work got moderated yesterday and their Moviestorm projects took all the plaudits. The moderator got very excited about Moviestorm, and all this resulted in helping most of my students get distinctions for their overall coursework."

Steve Thorne, Long Road Sixth Form College, Cambs, UK


"With the increasing emphasis on students being media literate and being prepared for today’s knowledge economy it is essential that students of all ages engage with industry standard tools to be able to understand and create resources of the highest quality. This is where Moviestorm really stands head and shoulders above the competition."

 Adrian Hall, former Programme Director Personalised Content, UK DFES


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