Filmmaking software for media studies and blended learning

A serious filmmaking solution with a simple explorative game-style interface delivering fast results.

Moviestorm is a must for film and media students looking to explore their ideas and expand their portfolio, as well as the ideal filmmaking solution for teachers seeking blended learning tools.

Moviestorm is both a fun filmmaking tool for students of all ages and abilities to create compelling presentations and entertaining 'stories' of their learning, as well as a fast tool for teachers to create video lectures that supporting flipped and blended learning strategies across the curriculum.

Faster than stop-motion, and without the logistical needs of traditional filmmaking, teachers young and old, and of all technical ability, are already using Moviestorm as a tool to flip their classroom that delivers customised and personalised learning.
Students can work alone or in teams, and are creating individual interpretations of their subject learning, using the language of the YouTube generation.



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A simple to use end-to-end video production tool, Moviestorm offers a huge number of benefits to teachers and students looking for fast and high quality filmmaking.

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Case studies

Moviestorm is being used by teachers across the curriculum, as a simple tool for engaging students, and by students as means of expressing themselves without distracting from their core learning.

Teachers create films to introduce subjects, as a template for students to adapt and show their learning, or as a coursework tool for students to illustrate their understanding. Moviestorm is perfect for blended learning and teachers looking to flip their classroom.

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Education product editions

Moviestorm Education is available as two different editions, each suited to particular education sectors and age groups.

Elementary to Middle High school to University
Ages 13 and under Ages 14 and above
All content that could be regarded as for a mature audience has been removed Contains mature themes that may upset some children or be regarded as unsuitable by some parents.


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With a growing emphasis on the value of film-making in digital environments within education communities, I am convinced that Moviestorm offers an invaluable set of tools for educators in a wide range of settings and curriculum contexts.“

Prof. Andrew Burn
London Knowledge Labs
Institute of Education


"My students are already discovering new ways to utilise Moviestorm for class assignments, choosing this over other presentation styles. Who wouldn't want a fully made animated movie to communicate your understanding of a subject?"

Steven Caldwell
MLC School, Australia


"My Level 2 student's work got moderated yesterday and their Moviestorm projects took all the plaudits. The moderator got very excited about Moviestorm, and all this resulted in helping most of my students get distinctions for their overall coursework."

Steve Thorne
Long Road Sixth Form College, UK


"I simply couldn’t believe what they had achieved in such a small space of time. Moviestorm just makes learning more interesting and fun - it makes us want to be creative!”

Alison Leaver
Spaldwick Community Primary School, UK


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