Free extended class trial

To help you appreciate the benefits of using Moviestorm in your class, we have introduced a free extended site trial.

Now you can use the software to convert some of your lessons into entertaining video lessons for your students to study anytime, anywhere.

You can also introduce Moviestorm to your class, and allow them to start working alone or in teams, enthusiastically delivering projects in their language.

To apply, just complete this short contact form and we will get you sorted straight away, and assist you throughout.

Education product editions

Moviestorm Education is available as two different editions, each suited to particular education sectors and age groups.

Elementary to Middle High school to University
Ages 13 and under Ages 14 and above
All content that could be regarded as for a mature audience has been removed Contains mature themes that may upset some children or be regarded as unsuitable by some parents.


 Read more about our Junior and Unlimited product editions

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