Education Site license installation instructions


Watch1. Installation Instructions (Windows)
2. Installation Instructions (Mac)
3. Testing your installation
4. Troubleshooting Moviestorm Education or Moviestorm Schools
5. No Start button?
6. Crash when placing items on set?
7. Colours displayed incorrectly/ graphics artifacts?
8. Can't rotate the view or set?
9. Can't play back your movies in Quicktime?


Make a copy of the licence file you will have recieved via email; normally called [your establishment name] Make sure it is available for the computers you are installing Moviestorm onto (for example on either a usb drive or a network drive).


Using an Admin account, install either 

Moviestorm_Windows_Junior_1.7.0.exe for unrestricted content.


Moviestorm_Windows_Unlimited_1.7.0.exe for restricted content.

Run Moviestorm, and on the log in screen, after installation, click Install Licence, and install the [your establishment name] which contains your Moviestorm licence.

If you need to install Moviestorm using Group Policy, you can download msi installers generated from the above installers; they are set to use default installation options only.

Moviestorm_Windows_Junior_1.7.0.msi for unrestricted content.

Moviestorm_Windows_Unlimited_1.7.0.msi for restricted content.


Using an Admin account, install either
for unrestricted content.
for restricted content.

Run Moviestorm, and on the log in screen, after installation, click Install Licence, and browse to the DVD, and install the [your establishment name] which contains your Moviestorm licence.



Testing the install

Log in to the computer as a normal user without admin priviledges
Run Moviestorm.
Click the 'Start' button ('Wait' doesnt change to 'Start' button)

Click 'New Movie'

New Movie

Double click 'Moviestorm' in the top left


Double click 'Musician's Lounge'

Musicians Lounge

It should look like the image below (Are the colours all wrong?)

Musicians Lounge


Drag with the left mouse button to move the view

Drag with the right mouse button to rotate (Is the right mouse button not set up?)

Click the 'Dressing Room' button

Dressing Room


Click the 'Directors View' button

Directors View


Click on the ground, and select the 'Place here' menu - the character should appear (Problems - Update graphics drivers)

If you are installing on different systems with different specifications, you should retest on each system.


The Moviestorm home folder is generally created within the users home directory, 

On Macs, Vista, Windows7 this would generally be Users/[Current user]/Moviestorm

On XP it defaults to C:/Documents and Settings/[Current user]/Moviestorm

This might be instead be on a network drive, depending on how the network is set up.

In this folder, the users movies are saved (in a Movies subfolder), their configuration is created (''), and logs for troubleshooting are created ('boot.log' and 'log.txt').


Wait button never changes into Start button

Moviestorm cant find the users home folder. This can happen if the user cannot write to the computers drive, and there isnt a network location being easily identified for Moviestorm to save to.


You can change the place Moviestorm tries to save its configuration information.

You need to set the environment variable MOVIESTORM_PROFILE to be the name of a folder where Moviestorm can save things for the user.

That folder needs to be created for each user using Moviestorm - possibly start moviestorm using a batch process that creates the folder if it doesnt exist yet.

On windows (XP service pack 2 or any newer version) you can use

Where 'Z:\Moviestorm' identifies a folder in the users home network drive - you may need to change this based on the mapping used on your network.

On Mac OS X, please read


Crashes when you place any object on set (windows)


Update your graphics drivers. These are the main graphics providers driver websites:

Some laptops use custom drivers that support low power modes. You may need to contact the computer's (or motherboard's) manufacters.

Colours are all wrong, ground is bright white
Disable shaders on the settings graphics menu and try again; each user would have to do this before using Moviestorm.
Or possibly update graphics drivers and try again with shaders on.


Cant rotate the view or set (Mac).


Rotating requires a drag on the right mouse button. If you are using a mouse, you may need to set up the right mouse button as button two.
If you are using a track pad, you need to do a click action with both fingers, then lift one off the pad, and drag with the other.


Cant play AVIs in quicktime


Install Perian.

Or use VLC instead of Quicktime.



If you have any further problems you can contact the Moviestorm Support Team by email ( or through the web portal at