Assignment: Applying Genres

Created by

Sue Crawte


Great Cornard Upper School & Technology College


Students are working with the concept of Genre. They have identified that there are different genres, and using Cinderella as an example, apply a different Genre to the story.

i.e. Sci Fi - Cinderella is a human, kidnapped by Aliens, who keep her in a crate. It is set in space, on a space ship. A good alien male meets Cinderella and they fall in love and so on. It links Narrative and Genre which are two concepts in Media theory.

Suggested techniques

Moviestorm is used to create the practical application of the characteristics of genres. We use Moviestorm to create or adapt the set, characters and appropriate props to tell the story in the genre they have been working with.

Student benefits

Allows students to apply their learning in a fun and creative way. Students are usually familiar with The Sims, and using Moviestorm makes use of a familiar concept.


  • Ages 13-15
  • Media Studies