Assignment: Experimental Art Film

Created by

Glenda Hobdell


Queensland Academy for Creative Industries


Create an ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN SCAPE montage highlighting design elements / principles in the environment and a sense of place.

Video – The finished montage should indicate new ways of seeing the environment and the people in it.

Audio – Create a soundscape to enhance visuals using original/Creative Commons experimental/environmental audio.

  • Montage Research – what is a montage? (metaphor/montage in Film) – Citizen Kane (continuous edit vs montage); Vertigo – dream sequence; Spellbound – dream sequence designed by Dali; Run Lola Run
  • Montage Experimental Activity – choose 10 unrelated images from magazines; number each and sequence to deliver a diversity of meanings recording each sequence and reflecting on it
  • Develop Concept – mindmap environmental elements (patterns, textures, colours, objects – including people); what will the work communicate? • Treatment (what will the audience see?)
  • Develop Treatment (what will the audience see?)
  • Develop Visual & written plans (symbols, locations, composition, montage techniques, editing FX, sound)
  • Create a Storyboard of key shots
  • Film / capture from Moviestorm considering visual FX and camera motion
  • Edit – manipulate with effects, transitions and other imagery to enhance meaning
  • Design & lay soundtrack
  • Document ideas, experiments and working processes to support your decision making.


  • Ages 15-18
  • Performing Arts/Visual Arts