Assignment: Presenting Mythology

Created by

Danielle Atkinson


Barrenjoey High School Australia, Toronto District School Board schools Canada


In grade 9 in Canada and year 7 in Australia my students work on a unit on mythology. This is followed by a unit on the hero's journey paradigm. The bridge between the units has students recontextualize a hero myth in a contemporary context. They then must find a creative way to present their transformed myth.

Moviestorm could be used to model this process and provide an engaging example for students to see. For example a model reimagining of the Prometheus or Perseus myths could be re-set in a modern setting with contemporary characters. Perseus would make an outstanding example since the students could also compare and contrast it to the flash animation that already exists on the ABC website (Australia), the two Clash of the Titans films (1981 and 2010) and Percy Jackson novel and/or film.

Ideally Moviestorm would be a fantastic tool for students to use to show their work reimagining myths. I would also love to create and have students create other sample animations to illustrate the hero's journey paradigm using a range of settings and characters.


  • Ages 13-18
  • English