Film Your Movie


  • Easy but powerful camera tools create a cinematic look
  • Add camera moves and camera cuts: automated damping gives a natural feel to your camera moves
  • Framing library allows you to quickly create close-ups or other standard shots on each character and cut between them
  • Simple framing tools allow you to customise your shots
  • Use zoom, pan and tilt to create interesting camera angles
  • AI-assisted tracking helps keep your characters in shot

Editing and Finishing Touches

  • Easy editing tools allow you to assemble your final film
  • Use cel shading to create a stylish 'cartoon' look
  • Add titles, credits and subtitles
  • Add a music soundtrack from your own collection
  • Add sound effects
  • Audio mixer gives you control over volume levels

Advanced Features

  • Use focus and depth of field to create more realistic filming
  • Create multiple camera streams to give you additional flexibility
  • Export your Moviestorm footage and edit it in your favourite video editor