Direct The Action

Basic Features

  • Put several characters into the same scene
  • Characters can interact with each other in different ways, including fighting, shaking hands and kissing
  • Use on-set items, such as sit in chairs, open windows, get into bed, make a phone call, or play drums
  • Use props, including guns, musical instruments, phones, or books
  • Make characters speak by recording the lines yourself and they automatically lip sync
  • Move anywhere on the set and characters will automatically open doors when they need to
  • AI controls bring your characters to life with automated breathing, blinking, and subtle movements
  • Immense library of gestures and postures allow you to control characters' movements
  • Change the mood of your characters
  • Make cars and other vehicles drive around the set
  • Automated sound system generates audio for footsteps, gunshots, etc
  • Timeline controls give you a real-time preview of the action
  • Walls drop down in Director's view to help you see what's going on
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Customisation Options

  • Movement customiser allows you to create unique gaits, including running, tiptoeing. and sashaying
  • Walk path tool allows characters to walk in complex paths
  • Held prop customiser allows you to create unique sequences of prop movements
  • Mood customiser gives you precision control over your actors' expressions and body language
  • Gesture customiser allows you to blend animation and create unique performances
  • Speech customiser allows you to control the amount of lip movement during speaking
  • Audio mixer allows you to control volume levels for sound effects
  • Adjust the levels of individual sections of dialogue
  • Head controller allows you to determine where the characters are looking
  • Dragging events on the timeline gives you full control over your choreography.

Advanced Features

  • Import dialogue from audio files
  • Create unique moods and save them to use in other movies
  • Script view gives you step by step overview of all events in a scene.
  • Multiple scenes within a movie enable you to create more complex stories.