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How to install


Installation Instructions

  1. Find where Moviestorm is installed:

    On Windows look for: C:/Program Files/Moviestorm-1.3 or C:/Program Files (x86)/Moviestorm-1.3

    On a Mac, look in your Applications folder for Moviestorm

  2. [Optional] If you want to continue using 1.3, copy your install to another folder with a different name, and continue the instructions on the copy.
    eg Copy Moviestorm-1.3 (or just Moviestorm on a Mac) to Moviestorm-1.4
  3. Download either or depending on whether you are using Windows or a Mac, by right-clicking on the appropriate link and choose "Save Link As..." to save the document to your computer.
  4. In the folder you found in step 1 (or copied in step 2)
    Windows: In the boot folder, place that you just downloaded.
    Mac: Right click and select 'Show Package Contents', and then in Contents/Resources/boot, place the that you just downloaded.
  5. Run the Moviestorm you have just modified. It will install the 1.4 patch, and the SpareHeads.
Note: When the patch installs, the change you made will be overwritten, so that when Moviestorm 1.4 is generally released, your version will be compatible.
Note: If any updates fail, or you install any content packs, before the 1.4 general release, then you should copy the or into the same directory to perform further updates.

Enjoy Moviestorm!

View the release notes here: Version 1.4 release notes